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Winter Is Coming: How Best To Prepare Your Furnace For The Cold

Sweaters, a hot cup of coffee, fuzzy socks, and blankets can only mean one thing: winter is coming. And you know what that means? It’s time to turn on your furnace. Since you have likely not used your furnace for many months, there are some steps you can take to ensure it works properly for you this winter. Here’s how to best prepare your furnace for the cold.

1. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

If you haven’t changed your air filter sometime in the last 3 months, then you should do so now. They should be replaced every 1-3 months. Otherwise, the air filter will get dirty and clogged, which will obstruct airflow and make your furnace work much harder to heat your home. Not only that, but it will also lead to poor indoor air quality and higher energy bills.

2. Change Your Thermostat From Cooling to Heating

Sounds obvious, right? Well, you’d be surprised at how many people forget this step! Switch your thermostat from cooling to heating to test it out and see how it performs. Raise the temperature ever so slightly and see if the heat turns on. If it doesn’t turn on, or it’s just blowing cold air, then there may be a problem with your unit, the thermostat, or your wire connections.

3. Keep Up On Maintenance

There’s a reason bi-annual maintenance is recommended (one maintenance for your AC unit in the early spring and one maintenance for your furnace in the early fall). Maintenance helps catch problems early, prolongs the life of your system, ensures smooth operation, and gives you peace of mind.

4. Test Your Furnace

Your furnace has been lying dormant all summer long. Before winter rolls around, take a moment to take it for a test drive! Turn it on to ensure proper functionality. While it’s normal for your furnace to give off a slight burning smell at first, it shouldn’t linger for long. If you notice anything strange about your unit, such as weird noises, strange smells, or weak airflow, contact a professional to do a furnace inspection.

5. Do A Visual Inspection

Take a moment to look around your house. Are heating vents covered since the last time you turned on your furnace? Do you smell anything funky, or hear strange noises coming from your HVAC unit? Is there dust accumulated around your air vents? Make sure you’re uncovering heat vents, and cleaning vents and registers. If you smell something or hear something strange, contact an HVAC technician.

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