Expert HVAC Maintenance for Southeastern Wisconsin

The HVAC unit is critical in maintaining a comfortable environment in your home. It isn’t something you pay too much attention to, but it’s one of the most important pieces of equipment you can own. It heats, cools and filters the air flowing into your home – and it does so without you so much as lifting a finger.

HVAC Maintenance

Since 1929, Roman Home Services has prided itself on offering comprehensive service to the Milwaukee area, and that includes full HVAC coverage. We’ve been through the ups and downs over the years and come out the other side still intact. We believe it’s because of our superior service and excellent, trustworthy technicians.

Our HVAC service is no exception. While some of the problems you may experience with it are too complicated to handle as a DIY project, there are some issues you can take care of yourself. Taking care of them helps to avoid costly repairs and ensures consistent comfort at home. Watch the videos included for some basic HVAC maintenance steps!

  • Keeping your HVAC unit free of debris, and performing regular check-ups on the system as a whole, are easy ways to ensure it stays a well-oiled machine. The video has a few ways you can check on everything at home.
  • The HVAC unit also keeps your home heated, and if you’re not careful, it can lose efficiency without regular tune-ups. It can be a complicated piece of equipment, though, so you won’t want to dig too deep into it without consulting a professional. In the included video, you can see what a trained Roman Home Services technician will do when you call us to have your furnace inspected. You can also learn a few ways to perform basic maintenance yourself.
  • HVAC units also have filters that need to be inspected and changed. This, however, is something you can handle at home. The video below tells you all you need to know about air filters, from the rating to the various types.

When you decide to trust Roman Home Services with your HVAC solutions, you’ll know you’re getting the most reliable service in Milwaukee. You can rest easy knowing we also offer a Protection Plan! For a low fee – either paid monthly or annually – you can receive premium coverage not offered to other customers. You’ll enjoy benefits like annual inspections, a 10-percent discount on HVAC service and repair, priority service, discounted service fees, and more.

For the highest-quality service, repair and maintenance in the fields of plumbing, HVAC and electrical, call the experts at Roman Home Services today! Contact our friendly call center for 24/7 service at 414-369-3798.