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Roman Electric Stands Behind Its Quality Service – As Do Our Customers!

Roman Electric has been a trusted name in electrical contracting since 1929. Our award-winning, family-owned business has flourished through three generations of dedicated management. The cornerstone of our success has always been exceptional service; a fact that has ensured customer loyalty and continued growth well into our ninth decade of business.

Roman Wins Top Choice Award for Greater Milwaukee

We want to thank everyone who voted Roman Electric for the Top Choice for Electrical Contractor in the 2015 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel readers’ poll.

Read these generous testimonials from satisfied customers:

This generous response from our satisfied customers means many recognize our goal to provide excellent service and always put their needs first. We would be delighted to win you over as well!

The work was pretty simple and done well.

The work was pretty simple and done well. The price was acceptable.

Mike Loveless

I would recommend Roman Electric to anyone.

I had Roman Electric Co. to repair my toilet and tub leaks. Armand was professional and respectful of me and my house. He was thorough and went above his duty to inform me of my water softener and its function. I would recommend Roman Electric to anyone.


I would highly recommend Roman.

“Roman has experienced electricians working for them that respect your property, your time, and do the job right. Their indoor work has a 10 year warranty, or a lifetime warranty if you maintain the electrical service agreement, which covers service fees and gives you a significant discount.

I would highly recommend Roman, especially Kevin, for any remodel or troubleshooting job, as I would call Roman again if I have additional electrical work.”


Her work was perfect.

Fred L. of Kewaskum, very impressed with Roman’s work, said, ”Carol did a great job. She rerouted wiring downstairs in our 100-year-old house so it ran between the beams, giving us more headroom, a much cleaner look and electrical lines that were no longer overloaded. Her work was perfect. She solved an electrician’s nightmare.”

Fred L.

He did a good job.

When Ethel K. of South Milwaukee called Roman Electric for service, here’s what she said about the electrician who did the work. ”He was the most efficient service man we’ve ever had at our house. He found the problem, he showed it to me and explained it, he went out to the truck and got what he needed, and he fixed the problem. He did a good job. Our daughter had recommended that we call Roman.”

Ethel K

I really appreciate how tidy things were.

Ms. Lepold, a Milwaukee resident, wrote, “Hey Tony (Roman Service Manager):

I just wanted to let you know what a great job Nick did with my ceiling fan and light fixture. I can’t figure out how he managed to move the fan over and get in on the light switch (which now actually works) without having to alter any drywall.

I really appreciate how tidy things were and how professional he was with my mother. My ignorance is vast – I’ve never really owned anything besides like, a car, and I’m relieved to know that I can call you guys with the confidence that the job will be done properly and I won’t be getting ripped off.

Ms. Lepold

Roman did a great job.

When Chuck Ritzenthaler of West Bend decided to have photovoltaic solar panels installed on his house, he chose Roman Electric for the installation. Chuck said, ”I was very pleased with Roman’s work. The Roman electricians were very good. If I had a question Mike would answer it. He was very informative, paid attention to detail, and took a lot of pride in what he was doing. Roman did a great job.”

Chuck Ritzenthaler

If I need help again, I’ll certainly call Roman Electric.

Loretta Buza, 82, owner of a two bedroom condominium on N. 88th St. in Villa Du Cour, said her electric heat “just wasn’t comfortable. The bathrooms were too cool and the heat was uneven.”

So she called Roman Electric. A friendly electrician relocated the main thermostat and added thermostats to each of the bathroom baseboard heaters.

“The heat is perfect now,” says Loretta, “and the repairman was just so nice. He was very neat. He showed me what he was going to do, went ahead and did it, and even cleaned up after himself. He was a fussy as I am. If I need help again, I’ll certainly call Roman Electric.”

Loretta Buza

I’m real happy with the work and the price was fair.

Jim Maurer, owner of a duplex at 1753/55 S. 57th St. in West Allis, has a house built in the ‘20s that he bought in 1990.

“I replaced some of the old outlets,” he said, “But finally called Roman Electric to fix what I tried to do. I heard a lot of good things about Roman from others.”

When Roman electrician Neil Weber met with him, Jim said they found 14 outlets and light fixtures that needed upgrading. Jim said, “I don’t know anything about this so I appreciated Neil’s honesty. He could have taken me over the coals on it. He didn’t take advantage of me emotionally – I’m 66 – and there was no pressure.”

“Neil grouped the electrical services to give me the most reasonable charges. He went over everything I needed and gave me his recommendations. Then he did the work. When he finished, we went back over everything. The quality of the work and his nice, friendly attitude reassured me. It was almost like having my son or nephew do the work.”

“Neil put GFCI receptacles outside on the front and back of the house and covered them with plastic shields. He put a new GFCI outlet in the bathroom. He replaced old, ungrounded outlets in my bedroom and living room. In the basement he replaced old pull chain/outlet fixtures, put in three new replacement wall outlets, and a new box with two outlets in the wash room so I could safely use my fluorescent lamps.”

“So I’ve now got clean, safe, professional looking outlets in the house, the basement and outside. I’m real happy with the work and the price was fair. You have a great employee in Neil. He is an asset to Roman Electric.”

Jim Maurer

You feel good about him and Roman doing your work

“During that heavy rain our electric was out for close to eight hours,” said Ralph Schmickel of Scotland Dr. in Vernon. “I’ve got a finished basement and would have lost everything if my two sump pumps with ½ hp motors hadn’t kept running. I just sat downstairs with the lights on watching TV during the storm. It was awesome!”

Ralph said his neighbor, whose basement flooded, lost his furnace, water heater, washer and dryer. “I’m really thankful I had the generator. It’s a blessing,” Ralph said.

“The lights flickered, then went out. I said ‘Oh! Oh!’ and vroom, the motor came on and the lights went back on. It was just amazing what a great system it is. It’s a great insurance policy.

“That Anthony, Roman’s service manager, is personable and you feel good about him and Roman doing your work,” Ralph said. “That’s why I keep calling back. Roman installed a new 200 amp service for me and they’re doing some lighting work now too.”

Ralph Schmickel

They did a good job.

“We decided to put in a whole house generator because my wife is on oxygen 24/7,” said Charlie Case of Schubring Drive in Muskego. “When we had that storm here a few months ago a big pine tree fell across the wires and pulled them off the transformer. We were without power for over three days. But my neighbor’s got a generator and he ran a cord over to us and we got our oxygen off that.”

Charlie said he chose Roman because, “I had them wire up my dishwasher a few years ago and I was happy with them. Plus Mr. Fixit recommends Roman all the time. They did a good job.”

Charlie Case

I would rate them as doing a very good job

Dennis Michalowski of Oak Tree Drive in Mukwonago had Roman install a standby power system protecting his entire house. “We decided to get the generator because we lose power here a couple times a year in Spring and Winter,” Dennis said.

“The last time a tornado hit and we were out for 12 hours,” he said. “You’re looking at heat, your well, your septic, and it usually happens when I’m gone and the wife’s home alone.

“I thought it was a good price so I didn’t see any down side to putting in a whole house generator. Roman had a good work crew. The installation was quick and sharp. Their reply to any questions was good. I would rate them as doing a very good job.”

Dennis Michalowski

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