Residential Backup Generator Installation and Repair

Ensure Electricity with Backup Generators from Roman Electric

How long could your household go without electricity? Even for a brief period, your heating, air conditioning, lighting, refrigerated food, and home security would all be compromised. Are you prepared for a day, let alone a week, without power? Don’t let severe weather, summer burnouts, and transformer failures threaten the comfort and safety of your household. Let Roman Electric install a fully automatic emergency standby power system and never worry about a power blackout again.

Backup Generators

Portable Generator vs. Permanent Standby Generator

Automatic Power Backup

With a standby generator, you never have to throw a switch or push a button. When your power is cut off, it is restored automatically whether you’re home or away. Because it is permanently installed, it can produce an uninterrupted power supply, at the correct voltage, for several days if needed. A standby power system is the best solution for extended power outages and can also protect your home from potentially hazardous power surges.

Whole house generators generally come in 12 sizes ranging from 8-60 kilowatts. The size is determined by the wattage requirements of the appliances that will need to be powered during an outage. We can install a natural gas or propane system in your home before the next electrical emergency. Our certified electricians can provide complete turn-key installation – including gas piping.

The benefits of a whole house back-up system include:

  • Uninterrupted Power
  • Automatic Power Transfer
  • Supports Whole House
  • Automatically Shuts Off When Power is Returned
  • Works While You Are Away
  • Runs On Home’s Natural Gas or LP Fuel Supply
  • Runs Outside. No Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Losing power for an extended period of time could be very costly to your household. Your health and safety could be compromised – in addition to the potential damage inflicted upon your home. The American Red Cross recommends a whole house generator for homes that experience frequent, extended power outages. Let one of our skilled electricians help you choose the ideal backup generator for your needs.

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