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Professional Disposal Service for Southeastern Wisconsin

Your garbage disposal is always sitting there in the sink, acting almost like it will be a last-resort trump card for any food or scraps you have left over. Just scrape it in there, flip the switch, grind it up and forget about it, right? Well, most of the time, yes. But every now and then it struggles to handle everything that does down the drain – and that can spell trouble for your home’s plumbing.

By following a few rules of thumb, your garbage disposal will stay squeaky-clean and remain free of any problems. For instance, you don’t want to just shove anything you want down there and assume it’s going to grind up with ease. The blades, despite being able to handle a lot of foreign objects, are delicate pieces of equipment and still have to be cared for as such. Glass, paper, and other harder materials aren’t going to agree very well with the disposal and can end up causing long-term harm to it, in which case you’d need to have it serviced.

Several food items can end up harming the blades, like eggshells, onions, potatoes and anything fibrous. By being smart with the use of your garbage disposal, you can end up ensuring it remains operational and effective for years – saving you time and money that comes with service and repair of one.

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