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Electrical Safety Checklist For Thanksgiving: A Homeowners Guide

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends, and indulge in a great meal together. The last thing you want is for your electrical system to ruin your holiday celebration. Being prepared and taking precautions is a good way to prevent electrical issues from joining you at the Thanksgiving table.

1. Schedule Electrical Inspection

Before you have guests over for the Thanksgiving holiday, schedule an electrical inspection. This is one way to be absolutely certain that your electrical system is functioning properly and keeping you safe.

2. Use GFCI Outlets

When cooking in your kitchen this Thanksgiving, make sure you are plugging all countertop appliances into GFCI outlets. Make sure you check the outlets beforehand to ensure they are working properly. In fact, you should plan on testing them every 3 months or so just be sure.

3. Test Your Smoke Alarms

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires with more than 3 times the daily average for incidents like it. There’s going to be a lot of cooking going on, guaranteed. Be sure your smoke alarms are working to keep you alert and safe.

4. Don’t Leave Cooking Unattended

Especially if you have pets and kids running around your house, be sure not to ever leave your cooking unattended. You should also make sure that electric cords from things like your electric knife or coffee maker aren’t hanging off the side of the counter. They can be easily pulled down by a child or chewed on by a pet, which can be extremely dangerous.

5. Don’t Overload Your Circuits

You are probably going to be using a lot of appliances at once, especially if you’re the one doing all the cooking. Make sure not to overload your electrical outlets though by plugging in too many appliances.

6. Purchase Flameless Candles

Candles can make a really pretty display on your Thanksgiving table. However, they also pose a fire risk. There will be a lot of people moving around, grabbing for plates and a lot of opportunity to accidentally knock into the candle. To avoid having to worry about a fire, purchase flameless LED candles for your table display instead.

7. Practice Cord Safety

You may be using more extension cords this holiday, but remember to never plug in large appliances, like your fridge, into extension cords. Not only that, but keep electrical cords out of walkways and high traffic areas to help prevent falls. However, don’t put cords under rugs or carpets as they can overheat and cause a fire.

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