Since we use so much electricity in our homes, it’s a given that fire hazards exist. However, we usually feel like we’ve got a handle on them, for the most part, since it seems like most hazards only come from obvious sources like furnaces or cooking utensils.

But did you know just how many unexpected electrical hazards might be in your home? Don’t get alarmed – a lot of them aren’t anything to worry about – but it’s still helpful to be aware of what could happen. Here are a handful of hazards to be mindful of as you go about your business – be sure to keep an eye on them to avoid any potential issues. Here at Roman Electric, we want you to stay safe and comfortable all the time.


Obviously, electrical problems are going to be present when you’re talking about outlets. They’re the points where electricity jumps from your circuits to the device itself, so it’s natural to assume that if a problem occurs, it will happen there.

But you need to be especially careful around outlets that are installed near where water could be. These outlets should be GFCI versions, which include an automatic shutoff that deploys when it detects a change in current level – avoiding short circuits. If your outlets near places like sinks or ones that are installed on the exterior aren’t GFCI outlets, get them changed as soon as possible.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs aren’t usually one of the first things you think of in terms of hazards, but they can be quite dangerous. Make sure you’re using ones that have the right wattage requirement, or else the bulb could have too much power coursing through it and blow.

Dryer Lint

There’s a reason Mom was always so adamant about changing the dryer lint! This material is highly flammable! If you let it build up too much, then all it will take is one spark for the lint to start a fire. Be sure to change it every time you run the dryer and avoid this situation altogether.

Older Appliances

As your appliances age, they begin to wear down. You already knew this, but there’s a reason to swap them out other than just to get something new. If it’s an electrical appliance, the wiring inside it will begin to deteriorate as well. As this happens, the chance of a rogue spark igniting a fire grows greater and greater.

If your appliances have reached the end of their shelf life, don’t wait around to replace them!


Yep, the annoying thing that makes us all sneeze is one of the most volatile electrical hazards around. Similar to dryer lint, dust can catch on fire quite easily, which makes it all the more important that you sweep, dust and otherwise clean your home regularly to avoid this possibility.

This might strike a nerve and have you worried that your home is one wayward spark away from serious damage. Don’t worry, though! As long as you take good care of your appliances and don’t forget to change things out when they need changing, you’ll be okay.

And if you’re not sure, just get in touch with us. Roman Electric is the Milwaukee area’s most trusted service company for a reason. We’d love to work with you to determine if anything needs changing. From electrical concerns to full-scale plumbing solutions, if you need it – we’ll do it.

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