Thanks to power strips, the days of choosing between which two electronics you want to occupy an outlet are gone. With a power strip you’re able to have multiple electronics plugged into the same power source. Something to remember is not all strips are created equal. A basic power strip is an extension box with anywhere from 6 – 12 outlets that can be used simultaneously. There are power strips that are also surge protectors that, in addition to providing power, keep excess electrical energy from surging through electronics.

Power Strip or a Surge Protector?

A power strip and a surge protector both offer extra outlets, but a surge protector can help protect your electronics from harmful surges and/or power spikes. For some smaller electronics, or electrical appliances that don’t use a lot of energy, a basic power strip is fine to use. A surge protector is better suited to computers, laptops, televisions, and stereos – high end items that contain important information or perform important functions. These items are more likely to inconvenient the owner if they were harmed or compromised by a surge in electricity.

Choosing the Right Strip

Not all power strips are created equal. It is important to make sure you pick the correct power extension for the items in your home. When shopping look for these options:

1. Look at the electrical rating – a strip’s rating will tell you how much electricity it can absorb before it fails. This is important depending on the kind of electronics/appliances you want to use with the power strip.

2. Does it have the unique features you need? – Some power strips feature an automatic moisture shut off, ability to be wall mounted, USB ports, and energy efficiency.

3. Make sure it has the number of ports you need.

4. Be careful to get the correct protector for the items you want to plug in. – Small kitchen or household appliances or large electronics such as computers or laptops will need different protection.

5. Does it have a warranty in case of failure? – The worst thing is buying a power strip only to discover when you get home that it was the wrong one for the job. Choosing the wrong strip could result in your electronics getting damaged. Choosing a surge protector that comes with a warranty gives you more security.

Buying the correct power strip or surge protector for your home seems easy, but it can backfire. Make sure before you plug in your electronics you have the correct strip for your items. Keep your electronics protected from power spikes. Do your research on the best power strip for you and your family’s needs.

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