Spring in Southeastern Wisconsin brings beautiful weather – and what better way to showcase the season’s beauty than setting up outdoor lighting that screams “professional”. Although we have discussed in the past some outdoor lighting tips, we want to expand upon this topic, further assessing options for your yard. Milwaukee homeowners should know the best ways to improve their outdoor lighting, and the professionals at Roman Electric want to help. Read below to see what kind of lighting is best suited for each outdoor area.

Porch –

Cover the railing with string lights for fun accent illumination and use lanterns to brighten up each support beam. If you have an enclosed porch, consider installing pendant lights for those outdoor dinner nights. An outdoor fan with a light fixture is also a great idea for those long summer evenings with friends. Use step lights on the porch steps for both safe passage and a boosted aesthetic.

Patio –

A fire pit provides both light and warmth for those who prefer the magic of a burning flame. Place some chairs around the fire pit for a relaxed evening with friends. Stake lights or lanterns placed around the general area to highlight a safe path through the yard combine safety with subtle illumination. If your patio has an open roof, run string lights underneath in either a horizontal or vertical direction.

Deck –

Place a lantern around each support beam on the railing to light up the general vicinity. On the outside edges of your deck, place landscape lighting in the grass to brighten even further. Avoid using a fire pit on a deck, as this can burn the wood. Instead, use specifically made deck lights to brighten up any inside area of your deck.

Balcony –

Run rope lights across the railing and direct them up your support beams. Rope lights come in a variety of colors and are an inexpensive accent that can transform a balcony at night.

Front Yard –

Landscape lighting is important for your front yard. Use them to guide a safe passage to your home, as well as brighten any potential obstacles such as vegetation or fences. As the landscape lighting nears your home, you can then switch to pole-lamps to beautifully finish the passage to your door. Speaking of vegetation, you can also cover bushes and shrubs with string lights for added illumination.

Backyard –

Landscape lighting works well to brighten up the edges of your backyard, as well as creating a safe passage if the size requires it. Additionally, you can use landscape lighting as a guide towards other backyard attractions, such as a gazebo or garden.

Gazebo –

Lanterns and string lights are a gazebo’s best friend and can be assorted in almost any fashion for your preference. Additionally, you can have a flood light outside your gazebo to provide a brightened entrance and exit.

Garden –

Depending on the design of your garden, there are wide variety of fixtures to choose from. Solar fixtures are a great way to illuminate a garden without the need to run cords. Spot flood lights, path lights and edge lights all come in solar options that can help bring out the beauty of your garden at night. You can also find garden lighting kits that come with an array of fixtures ideal for highlighting the flora in your garden.

Make your spring outdoor lighting an dynamic experience with our simple fixture tips! If you are ready to install new outdoor lighting in your home, contact Roman Electric today! Our lighting services can help every Milwaukee homeowner revitalize their yard with affordable options. Give us a call at 414-369-3798 to schedule an appointment with your lighting experts.