Want to avoid getting pinched while also saving money on the utility bill this St. Patrick’s Day? Go green with your electrical system! With Milwaukee weather still experiencing freezing temperatures, enough of our energy usage already goes into heating, so why not use some methods to cut down on energy and go green? From the electrical experts at Roman Electric, here are 12 energy saving tips for your home!

Manage Your Lighting Usage – Turn off lights in empty rooms, and before you go to bed. Additionally, opt for using lamps or candles to light rooms when possible. Clean your lights regularly to avoid dirt obstruction, as well as dusting off fixtures when possible.

Utilize Dishwasher Instead of Handwashing –  Believe it or not, handwashing dishes wastes more water than running the dishwasher, often as much as six times more gallons used. Maximize energy efficiency by washing your dishes in large loads in the dishwasher, but be careful not to overfill it, as this can prevent dishes from becoming clean.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water – According to Energy Star, 90% of energy from washing machines comes from warming water. Use cold water to wash your clothes instead, and wash in full amounts to get the most out of each cycle. Cold water can also clean more fragile clothing, meaning you can better combine loads without the worry of damage or loss of color.

Plan Your Cooking Accordingly – Defrost meat by placing it in the fridge instead of using the microwave and lay out all your ingredients when cooking to avoid constantly opening the fridge. Utilize pressure cookers, electric cookers, and microwaves instead of the oven for suitable foods to avoid wasting energy.

Line-Dry Clothes When Possible –  Instead of using the dryer for every load, hang dry suitable clothing to conserve energy and possibly avoid wrinkles or shrinkage.

Choose Showers Over a Bath – Showers use about 2 gallons of water per minute, while filling a bathtub could require higher than 100 gallons depending on the tub. Always choose a shower over a bath as much as possible and limit your showers to below 10 minutes to further save water.

Set Your Ceiling Fans to Reverse – Instead of relying on your heating for warmth, switch your ceiling fans to reverse rotation to keep the comfort in your home. Reversing ceiling fans causes them to draw out cold air instead of distributing it and can be turned on without any preparation.

Replace Your HVAC Filters Regularly – Every 2-3 months, replace your HVAC filters to avoid build-ups or clogs of dust preventing proper air circulation. The need for replacement may come sooner for homes with larger families or pets.

Seal Doors and Windows – Avoid conditioned air leaving your home by placing weather stripping around your doors and windows. Insulated window curtains and door stoppers are also available to further prevent air leakage.

Unplug Unused Appliances – Leaving appliances left in a socket will cause what’s known as “phantom power”, which is when turned-off appliances still draw power. Unplug all appliances after use or utilize a power strip to hold appliances and easily turn off power.

Invest in Energy Star Appliances – Energy Star certified appliances are guaranteed to cut down on energy usage compared to traditional variants. They are available for almost any electrical item in your home and can easily maximize energy efficiency.

Install a Programmable Thermostat – Your HVAC system accounts for almost half of your home’s energy usage, meaning maximizing its energy efficiency is a must. Programmable thermostats provide the means to save energy by scheduling temperatures for each day of the week. This will stop your heater from wasting energy throughout the night, as well as during the work day.

This St. Patrick’s Day, go green with Roman Electric’s 12 energy saving tips! If you would like to cut down on energy usage with a programmable thermostat, let Roman Electric be your trusted electrician! Our extensive electrical services guarantee we can handle any thermostat installation for your Milwaukee home, as well as any other electrical service you require. Give us a call at 414-369-3798 to schedule an appointment and avoid getting pinched this St. Patrick’s Day!