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Ceiling fans are a great way to cool off a room and promote air flow. They can also help save money on your heating and cooling bill. It’s no wonder that they have remained a popular fixture in U.S. homes since the 1860’s. There are many different kinds of fans on the market reflecting different sizes, shapes, and styles (everything from aviation to Tuscan).

Choosing the right fan fixture for your home depends on many different factors – including the size of the room, ceiling height and, of course, the design scheme. Once you’ve chosen the ideal model, Roman Home Services can help you with the installation – whether it’s a standard, a dual motor or an outdoor model.

Having trouble deciding on what type of fan will fit your needs? Here is a list of things to consider:

  • Fan Size – In order to get the most efficient use out of a fan design, it’s important to select the right size. ENERGY STAR® recommends the following scale for choosing a ceiling fan diameter:Rooms up to 75 square feet = 29-36 inch diameter
    Rooms 76-144 square feet = 36-42 inch diameter
    Rooms 144-225 square feet = 44 inch diameter
    Rooms 225-400 square feet = 50-54 inch diameter
  • Ceiling Height – The height of the ceiling is also a determining factor in fan selection. The recommended fan height from blades to floor is 8 feet. Most modern ceiling fans have multiple mounting options, which allows for installation almost anywhere in your home.
  • Mounting Options – A flush mount is intended for rooms with low ceilings where there is no extra space available. Flush-mount ceiling fans are exactly that – mounted “flush” to the ceiling. The designs they support are sometimes referred to as “low profile ceiling fans.” A downrod mount is intended for rooms with high ceilings, generally 8 feet or higher. Most modern ceiling fans come with a downrod. Check the packaging to make sure that it’s included – and it’s the proper length. Here are the recommended downrod lengths for different ceiling heights:
    9-foot ceiling = 6-inch downrod
    10-foot ceiling = 12-inch downrod
    12-foot ceiling = 24-inch downrod
    14-foot ceiling = 36-inch downrod
    16-foot ceiling = 48-inch downrod
    18-foot ceiling = 60-inch downrod
    20-foot ceiling = 72-inch downrod
  • Ceiling Fan Blades – The design of a ceiling fan’s blades have less to do with efficiency than aesthetics. The ability to move air is determined by the pitch of the blades, so choose one that has the most appealing design. Most modern fans are available with reversible blades, so when you get tired of one finish you can reverse them and change the look.
  • Styles and Finishes – Modern ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and finishes, making it easy to find one that will match your home’s design scheme. Most have adjustable speeds and reverse airflow to accommodate with heating during the colder seasons. Remote controls are often part of a ceiling fan design as well. Some of the most popular styles include:
    Standard Ceiling Fans (These traditional designs are for ceilings of at least 8 feet in height.)Low Profile Ceiling Fans (Made exclusively for lower ceilings. Also referred to as “flush mount fans.”)

    Lighted Ceiling Fans (Versatile designs available with a single light or multiple light fixtures.)

    Energy Star Ceiling Fans (Energy Star-rated designs highlight energy-efficient motors and aerodynamic blades, which allow the ceiling fan to operate on less energy.)

    Outdoor Ceiling Fans (These versatile designs include moisture-resistant motor housings and all-weather blades that prevent warping. Outdoor models are classified into two separate categories: UL-rated wet ceiling fans and UL-rated damp ceiling fans.)
    Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans (Many ceiling fans are available with a remote control for maximum convenience.)

    Dual Motor Ceiling Fans – (Dual motor fans are designed with two adjustable fan heads that are supported by horizontal rods extending from the compact motor housing. These designs are both powerful and visually interesting.)

    Ceiling fans are also available in a variety of diverse finishes for the blades and base. Several of the more popular finishes include:
    Antique bronze
    Oil-rubbed bronze
    Brushed Nickel
    Matte Black
    Polished Pewter

  • Ceiling Fan Accessories – There is an array of ceiling fan accessories that are available to modify the design for a specific space – or enhance the look to better match the décor. A few accessories include:Light Kits – Many ceiling fan designs can be modified with a light kit after they have been installed. Check the packaging to make sure the design is compatible with a light kit if you intend to add lights.

    Angled Ceiling Adapter – This attaches to the outlet box to mount the fan on an angled ceiling. The versatile design works with longer downrods in case you are working with a high ceiling as well. Downrods can be purchased separately.

    Pull Chain – Decorative pull chains are available to add a dynamic accent to the design.

Whether you need a ceiling fan installed, replaced, or repaired we can help you get the air circulating in no time. Roman Home Services is committed to helping its Wisconsin neighbors with all of their electrical needs.

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