Top 5 Lighting Tips To Light Up Your Valentine’s Day

Was it love at first light? If you’re planning a romantic evening with that special someone this Valentine’s Day, you may be looking for creative ways to come up with the perfect, romantic space. One of the easiest and best ways to create an unforgettable evening is with lights. There’s so much you can do with lighting that will really “wow” your partner. Here are the top 5 lighting tips to light up your Valentine’s Day!

1. Add Ambiance with a Dimmer

Let your love shine bright and consider adding dimmers throughout your home. It will allow you to alter the mood in any room with one simple twist. Dimmers can also help conserve energy and extend the life of your bulbs.

2. Turn Off the Lights and Set the Mood

Not only can turning off the lights help you save energy this Valentine’s Day, but it can also help you set the mood with that special someone. Take it one step further and even turn off your heat to save energy there, as well. Your fireplace provides you with both light and heat! You can enjoy a cozy, warm, and romantic evening with your partner next to the fire while also saving energy – talk about a win-win!

3. Use Flameless Candles

Valentine’s Day is a time to kindle the flame with your partner – not fires! Consider using flameless candles this Valentine’s Day! Not only do they help prevent fire, but they’re also better for your air quality. If you’re going the route of using flameless candles, make sure they are LED! LED lights are more eco-friendly and use less energy than incandescent bulbs. You can even get scented flameless candles if you want the smell of the real deal.

4. Add Romantic Lighting

What better opportunity to change up the lighting in your home? Go pink or red for Valentine’s Day or keep it simple with white lights. Whatever you decide, make sure your lights are LED. Whether you’re inside having a romantic dinner, or you’re outside looking at the stars with your loved one, warm, glowing LED lighting always adds a comfortable and cozy feeling to your evening.

5. Use Natural Lighting

Let your love glow…naturally! If you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the daytime, then consider using your natural lighting. Turn off the lights and open the blinds. Natural lighting has many benefits – including increasing your energy levels and saving energy!

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