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Tankless Water Heaters: Everything Homeowners Should Know

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, you may be wondering if a tankless water heater is for you. There’s a lot homeowners should consider before making the decision.

1. Small and Compact

Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters are smaller and actually mount on your wall. Many homeowners like this because it means they take up less space.

2. Provides Endless Hot Water

Don’t you hate it when you’re in the middle of taking a shower, and the water runs cold on you? You will never not have hot water with a tankless. When you turn on the hot water, the cold water will actually travel back into the tankless where it’s heated. That being said, you’ll always have a constant, endless supply of hot water.

3. Uses Less Energy

There’s a reason tankless water heaters are often referred to as “on-demand” water heaters. It’s because they give you hot water only when it’s needed, cutting your water bill significantly – and saving energy! According to Energy.gov, tankless water heaters are anywhere between 24-34% more energy-efficient than your traditional water heaters.  

4. Sustainability

Tankless water heaters are entirely eco-friendly and sustainable, by using less energy and reducing waste. Not only that, but these water heaters also emit lower CO2 emissions, leading to clean air and a healthier environment.

5. Improves Home Value

The market is hot right now – and so are tankless water heaters (no pun intended). When shopping for a new home, homeowners love special, unique features. Tankless water heaters are considered special in the fact that they differ greatly from your traditional water heaters. Who doesn’t want a plumbing system that’s sustainable and provides an endless supply of hot water? That being said, by investing in one today – you are greatly improving your home value, even if you’re not looking to sell right away.

6. Saves You Time

You may be wondering how a tankless water heater could possibly save you time. Well, have you ever had to wait to take a shower because there was no more hot water left? Or, having to take a break between doing laundry, dishes, and showers to ensure the water remains hot? Whether we realize it or not, this actually can consume a lot of our day. However, with a tankless water heater, families don’t have to worry about this ever again. With an endless supply of hot water, you can do laundry, dishes, and shower all at once.

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