If your Milwaukee home has a swimming pool, it’s probably been your go-to solution for beating the summer heat. But with this added time spent at the pool comes a higher need for swimming pool electrical safety. After all, electricity and water can be a dangerous mixture. And with your swimming pool equipped with lights, pumps, and other electrical equipment, electrical accidents can happen if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

The experts at Roman Electric are here to inform Milwaukee homeowners on how to practice swimming pool electrical safety.

Be Sure GFCIs are in Place in Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool relies on electricity for pumps and lighting. And this brings water and electricity very close together. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure you have GFCI protection in place with your pool.

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection is a safety mechanism designed to help protect against shock. When electrical currents are deemed unstable, which can happen from water interference, the GFCI immediately shuts off the circuit to lessen the severity of the ensuing shock.

According to the NEC, GFCI protection is required for any electrical equipment used by a pool, as well as any outdoor outlets. If you’re unsure if your pool has GFCI protection, or need to upgrade your outdoor outlets, contact Roman Electric for further consultation.

Know All Circuit Breakers Connected to the Pool’s Wiring

If an electrical accident occurs in your swimming pool, you’ll want to be able to shut off the circuit as soon as possible. And this can be done by using the circuit breakers on your electrical panel. Examine your circuit breakers and find the one that corresponds to your pool’s circuit. If you’re having trouble finding the circuit, use a circuit breaker finder. More info about that can be found here.

Once found, label the circuit breaker and be ready to shut it off in case an electrical accident occurs.

Avoid Having Appliances/Cords Next to the Pool

While having a radio or speaker next to your pool might be a luxurious addition to swimming, it’s important the appliance and cords are as far away from the water as possible. If water mixes in with an appliance’s circuitry or wiring, it can severely be damaged and may even lead to shock.

Keep all appliances and cords at least 20-feet away from your swimming pool. Additionally, check your appliances and cords for any damages before usage. Even if they’re a considerable distance away from the pool, the tiniest droplet of water from a splash can still damage the appliance.

Have Your Swimming Pool Wiring Inspected Annually

When maintaining proper swimming pool electrical safety, it’s important to have it professionally inspected at least once a year. Doing so allows an electrical professional to thoroughly examine the inner workings of your swimming pool. This helps determine if it’s suitable for use, GFCI protected, compliant to code, and energy efficient. When you’re ready to have your swimming pool’s electrical equipment inspected, contact Roman Electric for our safety and code correction services.

Have a safe summer by practicing swimming pool electrical safety! And contact Roman Electric if you would like to be serviced by Milwaukee’s leading electrical experts. Give us a call at 414-369-3798 for our outlet, wiring, and safety inspection services.

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