Now that the winter season has arrived, you’re going to be spending a lot more time indoors. Getting away from the cold weather outside is vital to enjoying these chilly months, and that makes proper electrical safety even more important. You don’t want to let the risk of an electrical problem ruin the holiday season!

All the time spent indoors means you’ll be using a lot of the electrical components in your home more than usual. To help you adjust to the change, the experts at Roman Electric have put together a list of ways you can make sure your electrical system is ready to go!

Double-Check Your Plugs

The key to doing anything electrical-related lies with your plugs. Most essential electrical equipment plugs into the wall, which is why it’s critical to ensure they are all working as intended. Inspect your outlets to see if any plugs are loose and not properly connected in the outlet – if they are, then consider replacing the outlet itself.

While you’re at it, check to see if you have GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets installed where they should be. These versions are placed near areas where short circuits are more likely to occur – like near water. If you don’t have any – or if they aren’t working – call an electrician!

Move Cords Out of the Way

Extension cords are terrific tools that allow you to use appliances when they might not otherwise be able to receive power. However, the cords themselves need care as well. Take care to run them through parts of your home where they don’t pose a tripping hazard. If they’re under blankets, carpet or in front of walkways, someone could seriously hurt themselves.

Are Your Cords Correct?

Speaking of extension cords, did you know that there are differences between different types? Some cords are intended for outdoor use, while others are designed to work best on indoor appliances. Double-check to make sure your extension cords are hooked up to the things they’re supposed to be connected to. Wrong connections pose a fire hazard, since the wattage support won’t be right.

Replace Problematic Lights

Is that one light in the basement still buzzing? What about that pesky bathroom light that can’t seem to stay on? Now’s the time to fix them. Lights that aren’t working properly can turn into larger, more serious problems the longer they’re left untreated.

If you’re not totally sure whether the faulty light is safe or not, just give an electrician – like the folks at Roman Electric – a call to put your concerns to rest.

No matter what your electrical problem is, we’re here to help. Our technicians are some of the most reliable around, and you never have to worry about receiving a shoddy performance. We make sure we do things right the first time.

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