lighting techniques for high ceilings

Figuring out indoor lighting for your home is already difficult. Figuring out indoor lighting for a home with high ceilings is even more difficult. However, if you are spending a lot of your time indoors recently (like hopefully, many Americans) now might be a great time to research some lighting techniques for your home’s high ceiling. This way, you can decide what will work for you and get a general idea of what you want your indoor lighting to look like. To help you out, the pros at Roman Electric have created a helpful guide about the most flattering lighting techniques for high ceilings!

1. Pendant Lighting

If you want a lighting fixture that draws attention and gives your home a more contemporary feel, consider adding pendant light. Pendant lights are usually larger lone fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling. Available at various home improvement stores as well as online, pendant lights come in various designs and offer different functions. Some of these lights can provide simple ambient lighting while others come in the form of fans that also have lighting fixtures. If you want something functional that also makes a bold statement, consider adding pendant lighting. This kind of lighting will look best in your living room and will serve both functional and decorative purposes.

2. Layer the Lights

If you want to use indoor lighting to really bring your home together, you will have to layer lighting. Generally, there are three types of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting is created by the primary source of light in the room.
  • Task lighting is meant to provide lighting for a specific task, work or activity.
  • Accent lighting is meant to draw attention to specific decorations, art or artifacts.

For ambient lighting, consider using recessed lights or pendant lights – or you can use both. Both these lights can be great for a high ceiling and won’t look out of place. In fact, they will add a modern look to your home. However, make sure it doesn’t look too overwhelming and isn’t too bright. It’s best to figure out ambient lighting before and work around it. Once you have decided what you want for ambient lighting, consider the other needs of your home. Do you often do a lot of reading in your living room? You might need effective task lighting for that—any kind of floor lamp might work. Do you have artwork or decorative pieces you want to highlight? You can use accent lighting to bring attention to them, specifically recessed lighting.

3. Use LEDs!

LEDs or light emitting diodes are energy-efficient alternatives to incandescent bulbs. They use at least 75 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. So, if you want to save up on your energy bills, use LED lights for your high ceiling lights!

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