how to get the most out of your hvac this summer

Like most homeowners, we know you’re trying to ensure your HVAC unit performs to the best of its abilities during the hot summer season. Other than simple HVAC maintenance, there are other tips you can follow to get the most out of your HVAC unit. To help you out, the pros at Roman Electric have prepared a quick guide!

1. Turn Your Thermostat Back

According to the Department of Energy, you can reduce your AC’s energy consumption by 10%, by turning your thermostat 7-10 degrees higher for 8 hours a day. Try this technique out and see if it works. To put this into effect, you’ll need a programmable thermostat—these thermostats come with scheduling features that allow you to set daily and weekly temperature schedules.

Pro tip: If it gets too hot, use fans instead of lowering your temperature setting. Fans create a wind-chill effect and instead of cooling rooms (like ACs do) they cool the occupants of the room.

2. Seal Up Your Home

Air leaks can increase your heating and cooling costs as well as your overall energy costs. They can also reduce indoor air quality and force your air conditioner to work overtime to provide the cooling you need. If you want to make the most of your HVAC unit this summer, seal up any air leaks you find. The most common spots for air leaks are doors and windows. Inspect the weatherstripping in these regions—if it looks worn out, you can easily get an affordable replacement from your nearest home improvement store.

In addition to sealing up air leaks, inspect the insulation in your home, especially your attic. Air has the highest likelihood of escaping from here so make sure your attic is well-insulated!

3. Use Curtains

If you live in a particularly sunny area, you will find that it gets hot indoors quickly even when your AC is working. To prevent this, make the most of the blinds and curtains in your home. You can also get special “blackout” curtains which block the majority of the sunlight entering your room.

4. Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your air conditioner is good for your unit, for your comfort and for your energy bill! Make sure you handle the DIY maintenance tasks such as clearing away the vegetation near your outdoor condenser, changing your air filter and cleaning your vents. In addition to that, schedule an appointment for an annual maintenance check up with an HVAC technician you trust. Consistent HVAC maintenance can prevent bigger problems in the future!

Want more tips on how you can get the most out of your HVAC this summer? Get in touch with the pros at Roman Electric! Call us today at 414-369-3798 or schedule a service with us online. Our team of dedicated and trusted experts will be more than happy to help you out!