A running toilet isn’t that bad, as far as household problems go. There’s usually very little damage there, and the long-term issues that emerge as a result of a running toilet aren’t too serious, all things considered. However, this is one of the more irritating inconveniences around. It’s never fun when we’re lying awake at night, listening to the slow gurgle of the toilet that never stops.

So, what’s going on, and how do you fix it? Thankfully, the main causes behind a running toilet are almost always the same, and they’re not difficult to fix. Let the plumbing pros at Roman Electric help you figure them out!

Flapper Issue

The key to the water flow in your toilet is a mechanism called the flapper. It’s a rubber contraption attached to a metal chain that’s connected to the flushing handle. The flapper’s job is to seal the hole in your toilet that lets water flow from the tank to the bowl, and this is mostly where you can point to when your toilet starts running.

Since it’s made of rubber, it can deteriorate, crack, break or otherwise leak. When it starts to wear down, water will seep through into the bowl below. This explains why you’re hearing your toilet run!

To fix this problem, all you’ve got to do is replace the flapper. They’re fairly inexpensive and easy to install – but if flapper replacement isn’t your forte, then Roman Electric can do it for you.

Incorrect Water Level

To make sure that your toilet only fills with water to a certain level, it comes with a float that tells the toilet when to stop. However, it sometimes gets calibrated in a way that means it doesn’t stop the flow of water in time. When the float isn’t set to its proper height, then more water than necessary fills the tank.

Thankfully, it doesn’t overflow. Your toilet has an overflow tube that funnels excess water away, so you won’t have a floor covered in water. But the water will continually flow through the overflow tube until the float’s height is corrected, and that’ll sound like a running toilet.

To fix this, adjust the float if you know how. If you don’t, give us a call!

Problem with the Chain

The metal chain attached the flapper, which we mentioned earlier, is key to the whole mechanism working correctly. If it’s too tight – when there isn’t any slack – it’s more likely to crack open and allow water through. But it can also cause problems when there’s too much slack: it can get caught in-between the flapper and the opening to the bowl, providing another gap for water to leak through.

You can adjust the chain to give it the proper slack, or we can help you adjust it!

For the best plumbing repair in the Milwaukee area, look no further than Roman Electric. With our top-tier service and unmatched efficiency, we’ll have your toilets running like new in no time.

Give us a call at 414-369-3798 to get your toilet back in shape before you know it!