Wasting energy in your home office can be viewed as contradictory. If you’re spending countless hours in your office, this productivity might also mean you are using more energy. If you work from home and use your office 40 hours or more, there are ways that you can cut down on your energy use. The experts at Roman Electric have some ideas that can help make your home office energy efficient.

Read below for helpful energy-efficient tips!

Plug Devices in a Surge Protector

  • Avoid standby power by connecting your computer, laptop, printer, and other devices to a surge protector.
  • Use a surge protector to shut off all devices when finished for the day, helping to ensure no energy is wasted from hidden power drain.
  • Surge protectors, as their name suggests, can also protect your devices against power surges.

Manage Your Computer’s Power

  • Set your computer to sleep or shut off after about 20-30 minutes of inactivity. This ensures your computer doesn’t waste energy when idle.
  • If it’s possible, lower the brightness settings when using your computer.
  • If you’re running large software files or gaming, try lowering graphic and resolution settings to avoid overworking your processor and video cards.
  • Consider switching from a desktop to a laptop. Desktops use more power due to monitors, keyboards, and other peripherals, while a laptop has these components built-in. Additionally, laptops tend to use less powerful hardware, which uses less electricity.

Side Note: Change laptop settings to stop charging between 40-80% when plugged-in. Although this may not save much energy, it does help to prolong the lifespan of the lithium-ion battery, as charging cycles are more manageable.

Utilize a Portable Space Heater

  • Use a space heater to warm the confined space of a home office instead of wasting energy heating the entire house.
  • Space heaters provide heat to a specific area and are inexpensive to purchase and maintain.
  • Due to space heaters coming in varied sizes, you can have on either on your desk, on the floor, or even attached to the wall.
  • When using a space heater, be careful not to let your computer become overheated. Point your heater in a direction only facing you. Occasionally feel your computer case or laptop to detect any overheating.

For more information on portable space heaters, click here.

Upgrade to Energy Star Models

To get the most energy efficiency in your home office, consider upgrading your electronics to Energy Star models. Energy Star is a government funded program designed to ensure a device provides suitable levels of energy efficiency. When you see a device with a blue Energy Star sticker, you’ll know the device has certified energy efficiency. Beyond computers and home office devices, you can find Energy Star certified lighting, ceiling fans, and even your HVAC system.

If you plan on converting a room into a home office, or looking to perform some major upgrades, you must take one extra precaution before worrying about energy efficiency: electrical safety. Contact Roman Electric for a quality electrical safety inspection to help guarantee your electrical system is suitable for a home office. Call us at 414-369-3798 to schedule an appointment with Milwaukee’s trusted electrical experts.