Electrical inspections play a crucial role in maintaining your electrical system. Performing one helps to maintain energy efficiency and electrical safety. But do you know what to expect from an electrical inspection? If you’re not exactly sure, don’t worry. Instead, learn from the electrical experts at Roman Electric!

Milwaukee homeowners should know the process of an electrical inspection. Below are some steps taken by our electrical experts!

Electrical Flow is Examined

Being the main component of your electrical system, we examine the flow of electricity in and out your home. We check every circuit, wiring, boxes, and outlets. We also examine the service drop, which is how electricity is supplied to your home.

Circuits are examined for any faulty or improper behavior. This can be caused by damaged wiring, loose connections, or deterioration by age.

Outlets, Breakers, and Devices are Tested

We run each of your outlets through a test to determine their functionality. Each outlet is also examined for any damages, loose connections, or other defects. The same applies to your electrical panel, circuit breakers, and lighting. Wiring is thoroughly examined throughout this process, helping to identify any issues.

Electrical System is Inspected for Code Compliance

Throughout the inspection, we determine if your electrical system falls in line with local codes and regulations. We do this by checking to see if your home is suitable by NEC (National Electric Code) standards. NEC guidelines are required for every home.

One example of an NEC requirement is the need for GFCIs. GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are an outlet possessing a safety mechanism that protects against shock. According to the NEC, GFCIs are required in all bathrooms and kitchens of a home. This is examined during an inspection.

For more information on NEC requirements, click here.

All Problems and Issues are Identified

We perform a full analysis of your electrical system. This helps to identify any present issues, along with the severity of each problem. Problems can be loose wiring, damaged boxes, faulty installations, or more. We let you know the exact status of your electrical system, and the possible effects of each issue.

If your electrical system fails to comply with code, we provide you with the full extent of the situation.

Advice and Solutions are Presented

Electrical inspections are the time to ask questions! We offer extensive advice on further maintaining your electrical system, as well addressing any concerns you may have. Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like.

If we have identified any issues with your electrical system, we then assess and present the best options to take. This is done to help ensure electrical safety and code compliance.

This guide should give you an idea of what an electrical inspection entails. And if you are ready to schedule your next electrical inspection, contact Roman Electric today! We offer affordable and quality electrical inspection services for your Milwaukee home. Just give us a call at 414-369-3798 to schedule an appointment and get started!