child-proof your home

If you have any guests staying over for the holidays, chances are you’re going to have double the amount of kids running around your home (think Home Alone!). And while the decorations around your home are probably very fun and festive, they can pose serious harm to curious children. That is why you should take some time to properly child-proof your home, so you don’t have any during the holidays! To help you get started, the pros at Roman Electric have created a quick guide.

1. Add a Toilet Lock

This is especially helpful if you’re going to have some curious toddlers exploring your home. A toilet lid lock can prevent a child from getting in some scary situations such as falling into the toilet or getting stuck. There are several toilet lid locks on the market, ranging from $7-$15.

2. Babyproof Electrical Cords

If you have a lot of decorations up, it’s likely that you have a lot of electrical cords being used. That is why it’s important you find a way to clear them up as they can create tripping hazards for kids. To prevent this from happening, make sure your cords run through a duct cord cover. These covers look like speed bumps made of rubber, can fit many cords and cost $10-$20 depending on their size.

If you want to prevent access to the cord, consider getting a cord shortener. This product prevents cord entanglement, shortens the excess of a long cord and can even come with outlet covers. You can purchase these from your nearest home improvement store—they are usually priced within the $4-$10 range.

3. Get Outlet Covers

It’s common knowledge that by poking metal utensils in outlets, toddlers can experience electric shock. It’s never a good idea for a child to be poking anything into an outlet, which is why it’s important to get outlet covers. These covers are usually plastic pieces that can be directly inserted into the outlet’s sockets. If you have any power strips, consider getting covers for them too. You can purchase in-use covers which allow cords to be plugged in, while encasing the entire power strip.

4. Be Careful in The Kitchen

Don’t leave anything unattended on the stove and don’t leave the stove on. Children can easily reach over and burn themselves or topple a heavy pot or pan over. You can also prevent this from happening by placing pots or pans near the backend of the stove.

5. Use Battery Operated Candles

If you absolutely must use candles, try using battery operated candles. They are cheap and safe to be around children as well as upholstery and curtains. If you use scented candles, switch to air fresheners, diffuser sticks or essential oil diffusers just for the holidays.

Keep Your Home Safe for The Holidays with Roman Electric!

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