are your outlets safe

Given that we need outlets at home to do a high number of tasks each day, it would make sense to ensure that yours are all working properly and safe. But it’s not always easy to tell when an outlet poses an electrical hazard. And while we don’t recommend you disassemble your outlets to check the wiring, we do have a few handy tips.

Follow along, and the electrical experts at Roman Electric will help you get a better idea of how to tell when your outlets are safe and when you should give your trusted electrician a call!

Are They Overloaded?

Outlets can generally power a significant amount of devices before they get overloaded, but they’ll still only be able to do so much before they give out. Resist the temptation to stick every plug you own into one outlet in the name of convenience — instead, try to figure out roughly what load your outlets can handle before inserting too many plugs.

After you’ve got an idea of how much your outlets can handle, decide which of your more energy-hungry devices can go on which outlets and move the rest around to other spots. You may need some extension cords, but you’d rather have that than cause an electrical problem!

Replace Cords/Wires

Although extension cords, charging cables and electrical wires are designed to last a long time, they eventually deteriorate and break just like anything else can. The only difference is that with electrical components, you’ll be at risk of suffering a nasty shock if the conditions are right.

Take some time to inspect the cords and wires around your home if you can. Replace any that have become frayed or damaged so you and your family can stay safe and sound!

Do Outlets Need Upgrading?

When you moved into your home, your electrical needs could’ve been very different than what they are currently. Maybe you need more juice to power the ever-increasing number of devices that we have in our homes nowadays, or perhaps you remodeled your home and need something else entirely.

Another thing to check is if the outlets that are near water sources – like in the bathroom and kitchen – and the ones on the exterior of your home are GFCI outlets. These outlets are easily identifiable by their “reset” buttons in the middle of the faceplate. They automatically cut the power when they detect even the smallest chance of a short circuit — after which you’ll have to reset the outlet’s power.

If you don’t have these in the necessary spots, then give your electrician a call immediately!

Roman Electric: Helping Keep Milwaukee Residents Safe Year-Round

No matter what your electrical situation is, you need to make sure your outlets are safe. Whether you’re in the market for a few upgrades or trying to figure out the best way to make sure your devices and appliances are safe, Roman Electric is here to help!

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