6 Energy-Saving Tips For Your Home This Winter

This time of year is when most residents crank their heat up to try staying warm and cozy. This also means that more energy is being used, and higher heating bills are well on their way to your mailbox. Luckily, there are 6 energy-saving tips you can adopt for your home this winter.

1. Seal Air Leaks

Do you feel cold drafts coming in through gaps in your windows or doors? If cold air is coming in, then you can be fairly sure that heat is going out! This loss of heat can make your heating equipment work much harder, which could also result in high energy bills. To help maximize your unit’s performance, save on energy costs, and improve your home comfort, seal all air leaks with caulking or weather stripping this winter.

2. Adjust The Temperature

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save about 10% a year on your heating and cooling costs by turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day. Many people do this while they are away at work, or while they are asleep. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference in your heating costs. Pro tip: invest in a smart thermostat so you can adjust the temperature from anywhere.

3. Maintain Your Heating System

Scheduling routine maintenance once a year for your heating system is a great way to ensure that your system is running efficiently all season long. Maintenance will help catch problems early and save you from dealing with breakdowns or other issues in the middle of winter. A furnace that runs smoothly and efficiently won’t have to work as hard to heat your home, so you can save on energy costs this way.

4.  Turn Off Lights When You Leave A Room

By turning off your lights when you leave a room, you can really save energy and money – any time of year, actually! It’s one good way to help save electricity, lower your utility costs, and make your home more energy-efficient overall.

5. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans aren’t just for use in the summer! In fact, they are just as beneficial in the winter. Reverse the fan blades to spin clockwise this time of year. This will produce a gentle updraft that keeps the warm air moving. Ceiling fans work in tandem with your HVAC unit, so your HVAC unit isn’t having to work as hard to heat the space. You know what that means? Energy-savings!

6. Make The Switch To LED Lights

Did you know that LEDs use at least 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting, according to the U.S. Department of Energy? Winter is a great time to swap out all your lightbulbs for LEDs. And come next year when you begin decorating for the holidays, consider using LED holiday lights instead. This can make a huge difference in your energy bills this time of year.

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