6 Dangerous Electrical Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

Believing some of these myths can be dangerous, and even deadly. Electricity isn’t something you want to take a chance with. Here are the top 6 dangerous electrical myths you should stop believing right now.

1. MYTH: Wood Is Not A Conductor

Busted: While it’s true that wood is a poor conductor of electricity, you need to be careful about wood that is wet. Water does conduct electricity, so wood that is wet or even just damp, can still pose a risk to your safety.

2. Myth: Extension Cords Can Be Used as a forever solution

Busted: According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, approximately 3,300 home fires are caused by damaged or faulty extension cords each year. While extension cords are great to use temporarily, they shouldn’t be used as a forever solution. Long-term use of extension cords can cause the insulation to deteriorate which is what could cause a fire.

3. MYTH: Only Old Wiring Can Go Bad

Busted: This belief can be dangerous, as many homeowners don’t think to check on their wiring if it’s new. However, new wiring can go bad just as easily as old wiring can. Rodents and circuit overload are just a couple of the things that can cause new wiring to go bad quickly. That’s why having your electrical wires maintained and inspected regularly is important.

4. MYTH: Rubber Gloves and Shoes Insulate

Busted: Only 100% pure rubber insulates. More often than not, your gloves and shoes are mixed with cheaper materials and aren’t typically 100% rubber. Many people believe that if they wear rubber gloves or shoes, they are safe to handle electricity on their own. Your rubber gloves and shoes are likely conductors of electricity if not 100% rubber. It’s best to leave all electrical tasks to professionals who have the proper gear, equipment and expertise to handle it safely.


Busted: As much as we’d like to think the electricity in our homes isn’t dangerous, it most certainly is. This electricity becomes especially dangerous and even fatal when it comes in contact with water. That’s why many electricians recommend having GFCI outlets installed in their home, wherever water is present – such as your bathroom and kitchen.


Busted: Contrary to popular belief, a live wire won’t always leave sparks behind. You might think if a wire didn’t spike, it’s fine to touch because it’s not live. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether a live wire sparks or not when it calls, it could still be carrying its electrical charge. Touching it could be fatal. It’s better to be safe than sorry and never touch a wire – live or not.

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