Give (or get) the gift of clog-free drains this holiday season! No homeowner likes to deal with those stubborn clogs, and sometimes store-bought drain cleaners just can’t do the trick. That’s where professional drain cleaning comes in handy. Here are 5 surprising reasons why a drain cleaning should be on your wish list this season!

1. Avoid Flooding

When pipe systems accumulate excessive buildup, debris and waste, the risk for overflow and flooding increases. This can not only be a major inconvenience, but it can also be damaging – especially if the flood or overflow is significant. Cleaning your pipes regularly will reduce your home’s risk for major flooding problems down the line.

2. Eliminate Bad Odors

There’s nothing like bad odors to completely gross you straight out of your kitchen! Have you ever cleaned your sink an infinity number of times it seems, and that smell continues to linger? That’s usually a sign you have a waste buildup inside your plumbing. However, professional drain cleaning can remove those foul odors so you can enjoy being in your kitchen again.

3. Reduce Blockages and Clogs

Not only can a professional drain cleaning service reduce blockages and clogs, but it can help stop tough and recurring clogs from ever coming back. Plungers and store-bought cleaners will only temporarily resolve your problem while doing damage to your plumbing system. To eliminate the issue for good, that’s where a plumber comes in handy.

4. Pipe Longevity

Usually when you first experience a clog, your first instinct is to run to the store and pick-up a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. However, that is a big drain-no! Chemical drain cleaner can actually wreak havoc on your pipes and cause more damage to them. By investing in a professional drain cleaning, you’re able to promote pipe longevity.

5. Saves You Money

Professional drain cleaning can actually save you money in the long run. Poorly maintained plumbing systems that experience frequent clogs can result in corroded pipes, which could end with water leaks and skyrocketing water bills. Not only that, but if you schedule this service on an annual basis, your plumber may be able to spot other issues with your plumbing system that could save you even more money.

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