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Simple Ways to Reduce HVAC Costs

ways to reduce hvac costs

What’s the one thing that drives most of our decisions at home? It’s saving money, right? Any time or place we can come up with a way to cut costs without sacrificing too much of our livelihood, we usually take it. But it’s hard to do that with certain things like our home appliances, especially our HVAC unit.

Fear not! It is possible to save a significant amount of money on your heating and cooling costs. The ways to do that don’t require a full-scale overhaul – in fact, they’re pretty simple. Read on, and let the HVAC experts at Roman Electric help you figure out a couple of handy ways to reduce HVAC costs at home!

Make Use of Your Ceiling Fans

The fans that are installed in our rooms do quite a bit to help regulate temperature. In the summer, they help keep us cool, and they cost far less to operate than your AC does. But did you know that they can be just as effective in the winter?

If you reverse the direction that ceiling fans rotate when the weather gets colder, the fans will blow warm air down instead of cold air. But since ceiling fans don’t *actually* affect the temperature of the air – they just blow the existing air over your skin – you only need to run them when you’re in the room.

Seal Leaks Throughout the Home

Over time, your home may spring leaks through certain areas where air flows regularly. Places like your ducts and in the cracks of your doors and windows (which can eventually widen), can help you lose valuable cold (or warm) air.

Make sure to seal these up to prevent any airflow loss. If left unattended, the leaks will force your HVAC system to work significantly harder to achieve your desired temperature, spiking heating and cooling costs.

Use a Smart/Programmable Thermostat

Depending on the season, our thermostats can account for a massive portion of our energy bill. If you like to leave these on for a big part of the day, then you will pay the price. But with a programmable (or smart) thermostat, you can save a ton.

They allow you to adjust the temperature based on when you’ll be using it the most. Meaning, if you’re not home for the majority of the day, then you can set the thermostat to shut off until you usually return home. You’ll avoid running up the cost of heating or cooling a home you aren’t there to enjoy, and that saves you quite a bit as it adds up.

Account for Extra Heat Sources

If your home is situated in such a place where it absorbs natural sunlight more than usual, then you probably overcompensate with your HVAC unit to combat the excess heat. But this isn’t efficient. It means you pay more in the long run to fight the heat, costs that pile up quicker than you realize.

To naturally avoid this problem, invest in some blackout curtains for rooms that endure direct sunlight, and be sure to always close your blinds/curtains when you can. Also, avoid doing or using anything that will add more heat to the interior of your home throughout the day.


Saving money on heating and cooling costs doesn’t need to be difficult! With these tips, you’ll be on the path to enjoying a lower energy bill without sacrificing your comfort level at home. And for more comprehensive strategies, just ask Roman Electric!

Give us a call at 414-369-3798 to speak to a heating and cooling expert today, and we’ll work with you to ensure you’re staying comfortable year-round.


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