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Reasons Why Your Kitchen Sink Keeps Clogging

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Reasons Why Your Kitchen Sink Keeps Clogging

Does your kitchen sink keep clogging, no matter what you do to prevent it from happening? There are many reasons why you may be experiencing frequent clogging.

1. Fats, Oil and Grease

Even though they’re liquids, fats, oil and grease should never get poured down a kitchen sink. They’re sticky and get get stuck inside your drains. Once that happens, they end up hardening. Many homeowners are under the impression that if they pour boiling water down there, it will fix the problem. However, this is a myth. Boiling water may loosen up the item but once it hits your pipes, it will cool and solidify. To prevent your kitchen sink from clogging, make sure to always dispose of fats, oil and grease in the trash, or a container – not your sink.

2. Coffee Grounds

Garbage disposals can handle tiny bits of food scraps, so you may be thinking “well, why can’t I dump my coffee grounds down there then?” Unfortunately, once coffee grounds are in your pipes, they collect over time instead of fully making their way through your pipes. Not only that, but when they get wet, this worsens. They absorb water, clump together, and get sticky – then, they stick to the sides of your pipes. If you’re pouring coffee grounds down your sink, stop doing so now and dispose of them in your trash instead.

3. Food Items

People are under the impression that if they have a garbage disposal, they can dump left overs into the sink and grind them up. However, contrary to it’s name, a garbage disposal isn’t a substitute for a garbage. They’re really only designed to handle small scraps of food. Items such as pasta, rice, pits, seeds, peels, eggshells, bones, and more should never go down your disposal. This could eventually lead to clogs.

4. Soap Scum

We all use soap in our kitchen sinks – to wash our hands and to wash our dishes. Many types of soaps can build up clogs in kitchen pipes when mixed with hard minerals. Consider having your drains professionally cleaned regularly to avoid this problem.

5. Tree Roots

Sometimes kitchen clogs aren’t as obvious as we’d like them to be. If you’re wondering how your kitchen sink is possibly clogged when you take extremely good care of it, consider the possibility that there may be tree roots obstructing your pipes. Tree roots look for cracks – no matter how big or small – in your sewer line and weasel their way inside. Your kitchen sink could very well be clogged due to a back up in your sewer line as a result of tee roots. A plumber will need to come take a look, break up the tree root, clear the sewer line and have it repaired.

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