Is My Furnace Ready for the Fall? Is My Furnace Ready for the Fall?
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Is My Furnace Ready for the Fall?

Crinkling leaves, crisper air, and a warm night spent by the fire: they’re all signs that fall is here. It’s one of the most enjoyable, cozy times of the year, but if you haven’t taken care of one crucial task yet, you might not be able to take advantage of the fall season yet. Is your furnace ready for the fall?

To really enjoy fall to its fullest, your furnace needs to be in working order. Unfortunately, too many homeowners don’t perform the necessary steps ahead of time to make sure it is! They’re left with a faulty unit and a chilly home, and suddenly fall becomes a lot less fun. Don’t worry! The pros at Roman Electric have put together a few tips to make sure you’ll be ready to go.

Fine Time for a Filter

While you’re generally supposed to replace your furnace filter every 30 days or so to maximize its effectiveness, it’s also a good idea to change it out when a new season arrives. The reason we, along with most service providers, recommend this is because the filter isn’t used to dealing with hot air all of a sudden.

It’s only been receiving cold air from the AC for a few months now, and the sudden change in temperature can throw the filter off and make it lose some of its effectiveness. Start out with a fresh filter when you begin using your furnace and make sure your unit doesn’t miss a beat.

Clean Registers and Vents

This also makes for a good opportunity to do some light cleaning. Go ahead and vacuum out your vents and register openings around the house to make sure your furnace has all the space it needs to blow hot air through your home.

Clogged vents make for a harder job for your furnace, and when that happens it starts to overwork itself — and that’s no good for anyone.

Schedule an Inspection

Although it’s not imperative, we recommend having a professional inspection before you really start cranking up your furnace. As we touched on earlier, furnaces that haven’t been used in a while have had a lot of time to sit around and stay dormant. There’s no telling how the mechanical components have aged, and you’d hate to turn on the furnace and be greeted with a clunky unit that won’t work.

Get ahead of those problems by having a professional like the ones at Roman Electric come take a look. A technician will scour every nook and cranny of your unit to look for imperfections or potentially problematic issues, and they’ll tell you the best course of action — potentially saving you thousands in repair costs!

Roman Electric: Your Furnace Maintenance Experts

Whatever state your furnace is in, you can always trust us to handle your request promptly and professionally. Roman Electric prides itself on performing the job correctly the first time, and you never have to worry about us sneaking in an extra charge in there. Whether you need a total replacement or just need a quick leak fixed, we’re there to help!


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