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Furnace and Forced Air Heating Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

Wisconsin Heating ServicesWe all know just how brutal Wisconsin winters can be. When winter rolls around, a working furnace is practically essential to daily life. Supplementing central heating with a space heater or fireplace is fine, but nothing can match the warmth of a whole-home heating system. At Roman, we know this and are ready to help you stay comfortable all winter long.

Our Team here at Roman has been working to put our customers’ needs first. We want to work on your schedule, with same-day service and 24/7 emergency repair response. We do our best to find a solution that fits your budget while still giving you the quality of work you deserve. To meet that, we’re trained and certified to work on fuel furnaces, electric furnaces, and modern heat pumps. All of this is to make sure that you have the warmth you need all winter long.

24/7 Heating Repair Services

Most of us know that the furnace has broken because we’re actively using it (or suddenly need it) when it stops working. In an emergency cold snap, you need service fast. That’s why Roman offers 24/7 emergency repair service. We work on your entire home system, from circuit breaker to the furnace’s forced air fan. We’ll find the problem and fix it quickly so you can return to your life.

We arrive in fully-stocked vehicles to ensure that they have the parts for most standard repairs, reducing the amount of time a typical repair will take. Our goal is to put you first, so we’re there when you need us. Our support lines are open 24/7, and we’ll send a technician to your door at the earliest possible time. All of our technicians are formally trained and have years of experience.

Furnace Installation

 When you need a new furnace, the entire process can seem a little overwhelming. That’s why the service technicians of Roman Electric are always willing to lend a hand. We know our trade and we’ll be with you every step of the way. A quick call and we’ll send a technician out to inspect your home and help you select a replacement furnace.

Your new furnace should be sized appropriately to your home. As much as you’d like to have a large furnace with the best BTU output around, you may not need it. Burning too much fuel at once is inefficient because you can’t move enough heat around the home, and it can cause fire hazards if that heat builds up in the wrong areas.

At the same time, a furnace with too little output won’t heat your home effectively. The furnace and fan will remain on for longer, burning electricity and fuel at an increased rate while still leaving cold-spots throughout your home.

Don’t waste your money on the wrong furnace. When you’re planning to replace an old or broken furnace (or if you simply need a new one for a new home) you need to call the experts at Roman, for a guaranteed best fit to your home. We do our best so your furnace will deliver its best, every time.

 Furnace Maintenance

 Of course, getting an annual maintenance service is key to prolonging the lifespan and energy-efficiency of the unit. Regular maintenance (typically in the fall) will reduce operating costs and prevent the need for many costly repairs that are the result of improper care for your furnace or heat pump.

The simplest maintenance is a regular replacement of your ventilation air filter. We recommend you replace the filter every 3-6 months, depending on usage. If you run your furnace and air conditioner constantly, then replace the filter every 3 months. Otherwise, replacing the filter during spring A/C maintenance and fall furnace maintenance will be sufficient.

Getting a full maintenance service from Roman will help to ensure maximum lifespan for your unit. Our service technicians will run a full inspection and service that includes:

  • Blower Fan Cleaning
  • Cleaning Condenser Coils
  • Lubrication of All Moving Parts
  • Smoke and CO Alarm Testing
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Pilot Light Inspection
  • Fuel-Check
  • Full-Testing for Heat Pumps
  • Thermostat Testing

So when you need quality furnace and heating service, go to the company trusted across southeastern Wisconsin, Roman. Call today to schedule your service or request an emergency repair at 414-771-5400!


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