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When installing an electric vehicle charging station, it’s important to hire a trusted electrician to conduct a home power assessment to determine if your home has the necessary power capacity. Most likely, you will need a permit to upgrade electrical power and add a dedicated circuit. Here at Roman Electric, we will guide you through every step of the process, helping you select the correct charging station for your needs. Contact Roman Electric today to schedule an on-time appointment with a licensed electrician. 

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Before choosing an EV charging station for your Southeastern Wisconsin home, speak with the professional electricians at Roman Electric. Our team of experts will help choose an electric vehicle charging station that’s right for you. Contact us to schedule an on-time appointment with a licensed electrician. We understand how important it is to choose and install an EV charging station that’s right for your home and meets all of the requirements of your car.

EV Charging Services

Our EV Charging Installation Services

Here at Roman Electric, we are proud to offer EV charging installation services homeowners in Southeastern Wisconsin can trust.

  • Tesla Charger Installation

Roman Electric specializes in Tesla charger installation, providing expert services for seamless integration into your Southeastern Wisconsin home. Our skilled technicians ensure efficient and safe installations, meeting the unique requirements of Tesla electric vehicles with precision and reliability.

  • Hyundai Charger Installation

At Roman Electric, we offer Hyundai charger installation services tailored to your specific needs in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our skilled technicians ensure the seamless integration of charging solutions for Hyundai electric vehicles, providing reliable and efficient installations to keep you powered up on the go.

Benefits of Having an EV Charging Station Installed at Home

Installing an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at home can offer a variety of benefits for both individual users and the broader community. Here are some key advantages:

  • Convenience and Accessibility

Having an EV charging station at home provides the convenience of charging your electric vehicle overnight or whenever it’s parked at home. This eliminates the need to have to visit public charging stations, saving time and providing 24/7 accessibility to charging.

  • Cost Savings

Home charging is often more cost-effective in the long run compared to using public charging stations. Over time, the savings on fuel costs can offset the initial investment in the home charging infrastructure.

  • Increased Range Confidence

Knowing that your electric vehicle is consistently charged at home can alleviate “range anxiety”. This is because the vehicle is ready to go whenever you need it. Home charging allows you to start each day with a full battery, providing confidence in the vehicle’s range for daily commuting and unexpected trips.

  • Customization and Control

Home charging stations can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the user, with options for various charging speeds and power levels. Users can control the charging process, scheduling it to take advantage of lower electricity rates or to coincide with renewable energy production.

  • Environmental Impact

Charging at home can be more environmentally friendly, especially if the electricity comes from renewable sources. It also reduces the need for conventional fuel, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions and a cleaner environment.

  • Property Value

The presence of an EV charging station at home may enhance the property’s value, as it caters to the growing demand for electric vehicles. Some homebuyers consider the availability of home charging infrastructure as a positive feature.

All in all, having an EV charging station at home not only offers personal convenience but also contributes to the broader goals of sustainable transportation and a cleaner environment. As electric vehicles become more prevalent, home charging infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting the widespread adoption of EVs.

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Here at Roman Electric, our skilled technicians install cutting-edge charging stations at your convenience. We prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. We deliver reliable solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With a commitment to excellence, we guarantee prompt service and top-notch quality. Stay ahead in the electric vehicle revolution with Roman Electric – your trusted partner for efficient and hassle-free EV charging installations in Southeastern Wisconsin. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today! We look forward to serving you.