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4 Common Thermostat Problems

No one looks forward to the day their thermostat stops working properly. But it’s important to identify when your thermostat runs into a problem. Doing so allows you to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, which helps to restore your HVAC system back to a working condition.

We recommend learning about some common thermostat problems to give you a better understanding of what to look out for. Roman Electric has detailed 4 of them below for your Milwaukee home.

1. Thermostat is Too Dirty

When a thermostat gets too dirty, it’s function can be affected. Build ups of dust and dirt can prevent certain parts from working properly. This can lead to incorrect thermostat readings, as the dust can obstruct the thermostat’s measuring tools.

To avoid dust affecting your thermostat, you’ll want to give it the occasional cleaning. This can be done by removing the thermostat’s plastic casing using a screwdriver, and gently scrubbing the insides with a dry cotton swab.

2. Thermostat has Faulty Wiring

Thermostats rely on wiring to receive the required power to function. And when a thermostat doesn’t have suitable wiring or connections, its performance can be severely affected. Faulty wiring is a known thermostat problem. But it’s causes aren’t always straightforward.

For example, faulty wiring can happen if the wiring wasn’t installed correctly. Having an inexperienced person install your thermostat can lead to loose and frayed wiring, which can cause issues with your thermostat as well as lead to a safety risk. Additionally, faulty wiring can be the result of a thermostat being old.

3. Thermostat Reading Temperatures from Other Sources

While the thermostat might be working correctly, it may be reading the incorrect temperatures. For example, if sunlight is directly hitting the thermostat, it may mess with its temperature readings. This can also happen if the thermostat is close to a heat source or window ac unit. Therefore, you’ll want to be sure your thermostat is installed in an area away from any other item that can affect temperature.

4. Thermostat Reaches the End of Its Lifespan

Eventually, your thermostat will reach the end of its working lifespan. When this happen, it can cause a variety of problems. And while you may think repairs are the cheaper solution – you may be paying more for repairs rather than getting a replacement. Therefore, you’ll want to know some of the signs that can indicate your thermostat need a replacement. We have listed them below:

  • Thermostat Always Reading Incorrect Temperatures
  • Thermostat Requires Constant and Reoccurring Repairs
  • Thermostat Begins Sparking or Has Burnt Smell
  • Thermostat is Over 10 Years Old

If your thermostat begins running into any of these issues, we recommend consulting with Roman Electric to determine if your thermostat is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Better maintain your thermostat by knowing of these common thermostat problems! And if you requires any services to be done on your thermostat, contact Roman Electric for our HVAC services. Call us at 414-369-3798 to have Milwaukee’s leading technicians service your home.