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5 Summer Lighting Tips

Summer lighting is something all Milwaukee homeowners should put effort towards maintaining. Not only does summer lighting boost your home’s aesthetic and comfort – it also can add to your home’s safety. But before you go out and purchase new lighting to compliment the season, you’ll want to learn about some easy summer lighting techniques from the experts. The professionals at Roman Electric have compiled 5 summer lighting tips for your Milwaukee home.

1. Utilize Sunlight

If the sun’s out, why not use it for lighting? Instead of simply turning on indoor lights while closing off the sun’s brightness, open your curtains and blinds to allow some extra sunlight to come in. Natural sunlight helps brighten your home without using any energy from lighting, and it can automatically boost your home’s aesthetic without any extra work! During the morning, sunlight is more warm and comfortable. But during noon, it becomes more neutral. 

2. Upgrade Your Light Switches to Dimmers

Depending on the time of day, you may not require a lot of light. However, some light fixtures are too bright for certain tasks. Fortunately, by upgrading your light switch to a dimmer, you can choose the right amount of brightness you want your lighting to produce. Not only will dimmers allow you to set the mood you desire with your lighting – they can also save energy by not fully powering your lighting.

3. Install Patio Lighting

When throwing a cookout or barbecue in your background, nothing fits the mood better than some patio lighting. Running some string lights from the top and placing flood lights around the corners can provide some beautiful illumination that fits a nighttime party aesthetic. Additionally, you can install some patio ceiling fans that hang above the patio table, helping to make outdoor dinners a more comfortable experience.

4. Brighten Up Pathways to Your Home

Aside from comfort, security is also an important aspect of summer lighting. We recommend using pathway lights to brighten up walkways to your home during the night. This provides safe passages for family members or friends returning to your home late at night, as you’ll be able to clearly see who is arriving at your door. Additionally, this can dissuade possible intruders, as they’re less inclined to be working within brightened pathways.

5. Invest in Motion Sensor Lighting

Speaking of safety, motion sensor lighting is an immensely useful component for any security system. It helps detect any person who arrives your door and can work in tandem with your security camera to capture a possible intruder. You can place these either on your walkway entrance, outside your front door, and any other entrances leading to your home.

Help boost the quality of your Milwaukee home’s lighting by following these summer lighting tips! And if you require new lighting installation or would like to upgrade your light switches to dimmers, contact Roman Electric for our lighting and light switch services. Give us a call at 414-369-3798 to schedule an appointment with the electrical experts you can depend on!

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