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Are Smart Toilets Worth It?

Are smart toilets worth the upgrade? While we live in an age where almost every part of our home can be automated via smart controls, upgrading your toilet isn’t the usual first choice. After all, we only use toilets for one function – flushing, so a more expensive variant wouldn’t seem worth it at first. But smart toilets have more benefits than you may realize. And by understanding the benefits, you’ll be able to determine if purchasing a smart toilet would be a good fit for your Milwaukee home.

The experts at Roman Electric are here to answer the question, “are smart toilets worth it?” We have listed some reasons below to help make the best decision for your home.

Automatic Flushing

Never touch a dirty toilet again! Smart toilets have sensors that detect when it is time to flush. This avoids the hassle that is touching a possibly germ-infested handle. Additionally, this helps to save water from excessive flushing, as water levels are being constantly monitored.

Overflow Protection

Speaking of water levels, smart toilets can also help protect against overflowing. Smart toilets can detect when it has become clogged. And when clogging is detected, the smart toilets prevents further flushing from happening. This stops water from overflowing the bowl, which helps to prevent cleaning up the horror that is leaking toilet water.

Self-Cleaning Functionality

Cleaning a dirty toilet is something no homeowner likes to do, which is why smart toilets can do the job for you! Smart toilets can come equipped with self-cleaning functionality. This is done differently depending on the type of smart toilet.

Some smart toilets clean themselves using a wiper blade, while others simply rinse the bowl with water. Other variants can even use UV rays to eliminate parasites and bacteria. However, be aware that you’ll still need to clean a smart toilet manually a few times a year.

Seat Warming Technology

We all shiver at the thought of a cold toilet seat. Which is why smart toilets have the technology for seat-warming. This heat can be adjusted to your preference, with the controls either on a remote or the toilet itself.

Added Water Savings

With the price of a smart toilet more expensive than a traditional one, you wouldn’t expect it to be much of a money-saver. However, this is not the case. Smarts toilets can make your water usage more energy efficient, and eventually may pay for themselves in the long run. But how do smart toilets achieve this?

Smart toilets prevent overuse of flushing. Since they are automatic, they handle flushing needs more efficiently. Smart toilets also monitor the water levels and accommodate the flush accordingly. This means they only distribute the required amount of water for a flush, instead of a set amount used by other toilets. With flushing being tailored to the water level, this helps to save several gallons of water each year.

If you’re having trouble deciding if a smart toilet is worth the purchase, follow this guide from the experts at Roman Electric! And if you’re ready to install a smart toilet in your Milwaukee home, contact Roman Electric at 414-369-3798 for our affordable toilet services.


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