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Signs of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Water pressure is the measurement of the force of water pushed by the main line water supply system to your plumbing. And having adequate water pressure helps ensure your Milwaukee home has enough water for your daily routines and activities. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for your home to experience low water pressure, especially if you’ve haven’t been properly maintaining your plumbing. But what are some signs that indicate low water pressure?

Fortunately, Roman Electric has the answer. We have detailed below some signs of low water pressure in your home.

Clothes Not Fully Washed After Cycle

Washing machines rely on adequate water pressure to properly clean loads. Water pressure is used to fill up the washing machine, as well as throughout the spin cycle. And if water pressure is too low, your laundry may still be dirty after a washing cycle. Therefore, you’ll want to check your clothes after each load to see if any initial stains are still present.

Another sign of low water pressure is if your washing machine is taking considerably more time to fill itself up. If the washing machine still hasn’t begun to spin after 30 minutes to an hour of filling, you’ll want to check your home for low water pressure. 

Water Fixtures Are Producing Less Water

When your home has low water pressure, it can be easy to tell by seeing the strength of your faucets, hoses, and other water fixtures. For example, if your showerhead isn’t releasing much water, even on the highest setting, this could be a sign of low water pressure.

However, this could just be a problem with only one water fixture. Occasionally, plumbing can become clogged within a specific area, leading to less water being released. To help verify if your home has low water pressure, you’ll want to test every water fixture in your home.

Dishwasher not Cleaning Dishes

Similar to a washing machine, dishwashers also rely on adequate water pressure to fill themselves up and properly cleanse the dirty dishes inside. Therefore, if you’ve noticed dishes aren’t fully cleaned after running them in the dishwasher, you’ll want to have a professional inspect your water pressure.

Plumbing Leakage

If you’ve taken a look at your plumbing and have noticed any leaks, cracks, or damages, chances are your water pressure might be low. Plumbing leakage reduces tension in your piping, which can lead to low water pressure. And letting any leakage persist will only exacerbate the issue.

After you’ve noticed a plumbing leak, you’ll want to contact Roman Electric for our plumbing leak services. We’ll help repair any plumbing leakage you have, as well as determine if your water pressure is adequate.

Always be looking out for low water pressure in your Milwaukee home. Because the sooner you identify your water pressure is not at suitable levels, the sooner you can work toward implementing a solution. When you’re ready to have your plumbing be serviced by Milwaukee’s leading experts, contact Roman Electric for our plumbing services! Give us a call at 414-369-3798 to schedule an appointment and get started.

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