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Troubleshooting a Power Outage

During a power outage, the last thing you want to do is panic. It’s always important to first troubleshoot the situation, as you want to find the exact cause and an estimated time until power is restored. Power outages can happen due to a variety of different situations. While some could just be from a simple utility provider error, others can be the result of an electrical storm or natural disaster. Therefore, troubleshooting a power outage can assist you in terms of planning, preparation, and most importantly, safety.

Roman Electric has assembled a guide detailing some troubleshooting steps during a power outage. Keep this on hand in case your Milwaukee home ever loses power.

Check Your Circuit Breakers

Sometimes, a power outage may just be a tripped circuit breaker. If you’ve suddenly lost power, first check other rooms of your home to see if they’re still receiving electricity. If so, then check your electrical panel for any tripped circuit breakers. You can easily tell when a circuit breaker is tripped when the breaker has shifted to the left and a labeling displaying “off” is shown.

Check Weather Conditions

If all circuit breakers seem to be in the “on” position, your next step is to check the weather. If you’re currently experiencing a lightning storm or heavy rain, then you may have found the culprit of the power outages. Severe, stormy weather can almost always result in a loss of power, be it for a few seconds or even a few days.

If upon checking the weather you’ve found that you’re currently experiencing a natural disaster, such as a flash flood or tornado, contact emergency authorities (911) immediately and click here for information from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Contact Utility Provider

Although you might already have a strong feeling the weather is the culprit of your power outage, you still want to be sure by contacting your utility provider. Sometimes power outages can be the result of a power grid failure or downed power line, which is information your utility provider is usually able to share. Additionally, if your utility provider can diagnose the cause, then you should receive an estimated time until your power comes back on.

Check if Neighbors are Also Experiencing a Power Outage

Depending on the cause and severity of the power outage, your neighbor’s homes may also be affected. See if any other nearby homes are experiencing a power outage. If you notice that all their lights are off and people are standing outside, this could indicate a situation such as a power grid failure.

If at any point you feel you’ve exhausted all your options for troubleshooting a power outage, don’t give up just yet! Roman Electric is also available as a resource during a power outage. Our troubleshooting services allow one of our skilled technicians to examine and diagnose the situation with a power outage, helping to put you on track toward reclaiming your electricity. If you would like to speak with Milwaukee’s leading electrical experts, contact us at 414-369-3798 to get started.