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Outdoor Lighting Tips for Spring


With spring right around the corner, now is the time to prepare outdoor lighting. Milwaukee weather is slowly heating up, and although chilly breezes are still the norm, the beginning of spring is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor lighting for the upcoming season, as well as the eventual summer. With help from the experts at Roman Electric, we have provided some outdoor lighting tips for spring to provide that perfect illumination – while also safely brightening up your home exterior.

Before proceeding, be sure any outdoor lighting you purchase is Energy Star certified. Energy Star lighting cuts down immensely on energy usage and ensures your utility bill isn’t making you pull out your hair.

With that said, let’s get started!


  • Lanterns are a basic yet effective way to boost illumination and draw attention to select areas.
  • Lanterns come in several different variations such as electrically-powered, solar-powered, and candle-lit, as well a variety of designs and patterns to give an old fashioned, warm glow.
  • Lanterns are available in hangable forms but can be purchased with attached poles to act as pathways or lawn decorations.
  • Make sure you purchase lanterns that are designed for outdoor weather conditions.

String Lighting

  • String lights are easy to install and can brighten up your outdoor area without driving up the utility bill.
  • String lights come in endless variants of colors, bulb type, and length.
  • Be sure any string lighting you purchase is suitable for outdoor weather, as they are designed to handle these conditions and avoid deterioration.
  • String lights can be hung around patios and porches, as well as lining the edges of floors and gazebos.
  • Additionally, you can wrap string lights around trees, bushes, and shrubs, adding beauty to your outdoor vegetation.

Landscape Lighting

  • Landscape lighting brightens the pathways, highlights trees and bushes and illuminates your home adding both beauty and safety.
  • Landscape lighting allows for endless customization, as you can create any pattern you want.
  • Beyond improving your home’s aesthetic, landscape lighting also works as a safety measure, allowing you to see more clearly during the night.
  • Many landscape lighting options are low voltage and relatively easy to install and can be programmed to turn on at a specific time.

Pendant Lights

  • Pendant lights are a modern upgrade to conventional lighting and are a surefire way to increase the outdoor aesthetic of your home.
  • Pendant lights are light fixtures hanging from a chain, cord, or rod, and are usually suspended lower than other fixtures.
  • Pendant lights come in different designs ranging from dynamic to minimalist and are a perfect addition to any outdoor patio table.
  • Roman Electric offers affordable lighting services for pendant lights for your porch and deck ceilings.

Fire Pits

  • Want to ditch the light fixtures for natural illumination? Fire pits are your answer!
  • Having an ignited fire pit in the center of patio chairs adds a natural brightness that boosts your home’s aesthetic.
  • The crackling of flames along with the added warmth gives your outdoors a comfy ambience while also preventing the spring breeze from getting too chilly.

Make your home the brightest on the block with our outdoor lighting tips for spring! Ready to install new lighting in your outdoor area? Roman Electric is ready for you! We offer the professional lighting services to boost your home’s aesthetic for the upcoming seasons. Give us a call at 414-369-3798 to schedule an appointment and get started.