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How to Read Your Electric Meter

how to read your electric meter

Your electric meter is a device that tells you exactly how much electricity your household is consuming. Like the mileage display on your car, your electric meter tells you how much power your home has used ever since the meter was set up. There are different types of meters, but they all measure electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours and display total power used. While homeowners know they have an electric meter, they don’t often know how to read it. So, in this guide, the pros at Roman Electric tell you exactly how to read your electric meter, in addition to answering other questions about electric meters!

Where is the Electricity Meter Located?

Before you check your meter, it’s important to know where it is located. Usually the electricity meter is installed where the power lines enter your building. They are usually placed at either the side or the rear of your home. In some apartments, different electric meters will be grouped together.

What is The Meter Number?

Every meter has a unique meter number, in order to identify your home’s power consumption and bill you for it. The meter number is usually located on the face of the meter, usually at the bottom. If you must submit a meter reading to your utility company, it is important to know what your meter number is.

How to Read Your Electric Meter

While it is not necessary to read your electric meter, it’s very easy to do so. This is helpful to know if you would like to keep a personal record of your meter readings. Follow this step-by-step guide to read your electricity meter, specifically if you have an analog meter, since those are a little difficult to read:

  • On your analog meter you will notice 6 dials. Be sure to read the dials left to right.
  • The first dial will be labelled “10,000” the second “1000” the third “100” the fourth “10” and the fifth “1 kWh Per Div.” which means kilowatt hour. The 6th dial reads 1/10, which indicates a decimal place. So, for example, if the first dial is pointing at 4, the second is pointing at 3, the third at 5, the fourth at 6, and the fifth at 8, your reading will be 43,568 kwh. If the 6th dial is pointing to 1, the reading will be 43,568.1 kwh.
  • Sometimes a dial hand will be located at a point between two numbers—in this scenario record the lower number. If the dial is between 4 and 5, record 4.
  • The next time you check your electric meter, the reading will obviously be higher, since you will have consumed more electricity. If you want to check how much electricity you consumed during a certain period, you will have to find the difference between the last and current reading.

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