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4 Alternatives to Using Air Conditioning

alternatives to using air conditioning

While air conditioners may be the most effective way to beat the heat during the Milwaukee summer, they do drive up the energy bill a considerable amount, especially considering they account for almost half of your home’s energy consumption. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to cool down during the hot season, most of which don’t use nearly as much energy as the AC. And if you’re looking to reduce your energy usage without losing the comfort, we recommend you utilize these alternatives to air conditioning.

Roman Electric has detailed 4 alternatives to using air conditioning that you can have in your Milwaukee home.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

With their energy consumption being only a fraction of what an AC uses, ceiling fans are a great way to cut down energy usage without losing the cooling. This is because ceiling fans don’t produce cooling, they simply distribute it more effectively. The circulating blades also lower your body temperature, making you feel cooler.

We recommend running the ceiling fan on high speed and turning down your AC a few degrees from what it normally is. This provides an alternative to solely using the AC without losing any of the comfort.

If you would like to install a new ceiling fan in your home, contact Roman Electric for our ceiling fan services.

Block Sunlight in Your Home

If your AC is being constantly used to reduce heat, why let sunlight bring in more heat to your home? One alternative to using your cooling is by simply protecting your home from the heat build-up created by sunlight. Here’s a few steps on how to do this:

  • Cover your windows with lightly-colored draperies such as white or baby blue. These shades better reflect light than other colors.
  • Place weatherstripping along your doors and windows to prevent sunlight seeping through cracks.
  • Consider planting a tree in your yard to act as natural shade.

Make Yourself Feel Colder

While it may not be the most effective solution, simply making yourself feel cooler can sometimes stop you from turning up the AC. Performing steps such as hitting the pool, keeping hydrated, taking cool showers, and wearing summer clothing can help. Although most of these solutions are short-term and temporary, we do recommend incorporating them with other steps on this list.

Purchase Oscillating Fans

Aside from ceiling fans, there’s another type of fan you have in multiple areas of your home: oscillating fans. These plugged-in fans swing from side to side and provide cooling in the same vein as ceiling fans. The great thing about oscillating fans is their low energy usage and cheap cost, as well as their varied sizes and designs.

Help reduce energy usage in your Milwaukee home during the summer by using these 4 alternatives to using the air conditioner. And contact Roman Electric if you require ceiling fan services. Give us a call at 414-369-3798 to schedule an appointment and get started.