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4 Common Toilet Problems and How to Fix Them

common toilet problems and how to fix them

Everyone runs into minor problems with their toilets. Sometimes it’s something you can fix in no time, but in other situations it might be an issue that requires the help of a plumber. However, the line between those two can get blurred quite easily, so it makes sense to try and fix problems when you can.

The range of culprits behind most toilet issues can usually be whittled down to just a handful. With these tips, you can get a leg up on your home’s plumbing – but if not, Roman Electric’s plumbers can solve whatever is troubling your toilet. Here are a few common toilet problems and how to fix them!

1. Toilet Won’t Stop Running

When a toilet continuously runs, it’s more than likely that a leak has sprung up somewhere – either that, or the seal is loose on the flapper. The flapper is made of rubber, and rubber breaks down eventually. Thankfully, these are easily replaceable and pretty inexpensive at your local hardware store.

Just drain the tank of your toilet, remove the flapper and install the new one. In less than five minutes, you’ll have a brand-new, perfectly sealed tank!

2. Toilet Clogs Keep Happening

Clogs are, unfortunately, a fact of life. Nothing’s quite as frustrating as realizing the toilet has clogged when you’re ready to get on with your day, and it’s even more aggravating when you realize you’ve got to take time to unclog it.

There are generally two ways to get rid of clogs: with a plunger and with a drain snake. Plungers are common and mainstays in our households, but sometimes the clogs are too tough to plunge. That’s where drain snakes come in. They grab the clog directly, making it much easier to handle this issue – and they’re readily available at stores!

3. Cracked Tank/Bowl

Since toilets are made of porcelain, they’re susceptible to cracking and eventually breaking. Although you may not notice smaller cracks early on, the effects are noticeable in the form of leaks and thus higher energy bills. These issues grow quickly, however, and you could have water damage around the toilet before you know it.

This is something you’ll likely have to call an expert to handle. They’ll either be able to repair and seal the crack or – if the damage is beyond repair – recommend the best steps for replacing your toilet with a new one.

4. Toilet Is Filling Too Slowly

The toilet doesn’t just magically fill with water. It uses a tube/fill line that draws water from the supply and siphons it into the toilet, which kickstarts the refilling process. When that line gets clogged, though, you’ll notice that your toilet takes a much longer time to fill.

Thankfully, this issue isn’t hard to address. Drain the tank and remove the fill line, then clean it out with a brush or flush it out to remove whatever debris is clogging it. Replace the line, and your toilet should be good to go!

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