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Heat Pump or Furnace?

heat pump or furnace

When it comes to your home’s central heating system, there are several options at your disposal. When searching for a heating system, one of the most common dilemmas homeowners have is deciding whether to choose a heat pump or furnace. And if they do decide, they’re questioning what type they should get. It can be a long debate, with heat pumps and furnaces both having solid arguments. To help you make a more informed decision, the pros at Roman Electric have created a quick and helpful guide.

Heat Pump Pros

  • Heat pumps are great for moderate climates
  • Heat pumps are more energy-efficient. According to the Department of Energy, heat pumps can reduce electricity use by 50 percent compared to furnaces.
  • Fun fact: Heat pumps are not just meant for home heating. According to the DOE, high efficiency heat pumps have better dehumidifying capabilities compared to traditional central air conditioners. This leads to less energy usage and increased cooling in the warmer months.
  • Geothermal heat pumps can reduce energy use by up to 65 %! While traditional electric heat pumps are great for moderate climates, geothermal heat pumps can be used in the most extreme cold weather. That is because these heat pumps harness their heating abilities from the consistent temperature underground.
  • Hybrid systems can provide cooling as well as heating!

Heat Pump Cons

  • While heat pumps bring a great deal of energy-efficiency to the table, they have a significantly higher installation cost.
  • A heat pump usually requires an outdoor and indoor component, whereas furnaces don’t.
  • Geothermal heat pumps are even more expensive than standard heat pumps—plus they require installation underground, which can be more expensive.
  • Heat pumps might not be as durable as furnaces. They have shorter lifespans of up to 20 years. Since heat pumps run year-round (for heating and cooling) they suffer through more wear and tear. This reduces its lifespan and might require frequent repairs.

Furnace Pros

  • If lifespan is important to you, a furnace is the way to go as they have longer lifespans. While heat pumps have lifespans of up to 20 years, furnaces can last for 30 years.
  • Since all furnace models provide heating, as opposed to many heat pump models which do heating and cooling, they require less maintenance.
  • Furnaces have lower installation costs.
  • Gas furnaces are more dependable, since they have fewer components and moving parts that need to be serviced.

Furnace Cons

  • Furnaces aren’t always safe. With these appliances, there is a slight potential of a gas leak which could cause a fire.
  • Heat pumps are far more environmentally friendly than furnaces.
  • Gas combustion products caused by furnaces could lead to significant air pollution.

Let Roman Electric Help You Decide!

There isn’t a clear answer to which option is better. It is best to look at the facts and decide which might work better for you. For some homeowners a furnace would be a better option and, for others, a heat pump. If you still have trouble deciding, no worries! Let the pros at Roman Electric help you. Call us today at 414-369-3798 or schedule an appointment with us online!