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Halloween Safety Tips

There’s nothing quite like the excitement you feel before going out trick-or-treating on Halloween. The chatter of the anxious kids, the smells of the fall air and the spooky sounds coming from different houses all create a truly one-of-a-kind environment.

But just like any other event, it’s imperative to stay safe and observe proper precautions to ensure you have a fun and happy Halloween. With so many people out and about, you’d hate to have something go awry in the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treating. Here are a few tips from Roman Electric to keep in mind!

Don’t Go Alone

As we mentioned above, there are bound to be a lot of people out going door-to-door to get all the candy they can. And because everyone’s dressed up in costumes, losing someone in the hubbub is far too easy.

Be sure to always go with a buddy! That way you’ll know if someone accidentally got mixed up and won’t get lost.

Use Something to Help Drivers See You

Even though everyone’s out in the streets, drivers still have to use the roads to get places. When it gets dark, they can have a hard time seeing you if you’ve got a darker-colored costume on.

Help them out by affixing costumes with reflective tape or some other shiny surface so that they’ll be able to see you at night.

Observe Street Safety

Despite the crowds, you still need to adhere to basic street safety rules. Look both ways when crossing the street and be sure to only cross when you reach an intersection instead of darting across the road.

When you’re walking around, be sure to only walk on sidewalks. Although it’s tempting to walk in the road, avoid the potential trouble and just stay safely away from traffic.

Test Halloween Makeup Beforehand

Lots of costumes aren’t complete until you apply makeup. However, there’s a chance you might be allergic to the ingredients in whatever makeup you use.

Avoid this potential problem by testing it on a smaller area before the big night. That way you’ll be able to know if it will lead to any complications without risking an allergic reaction.

Make Sure an Adult Accompanies the Crowd

The kids won’t be as keen to the idea of having a grown-up tag along, but it’ll safeguard against any trouble the group might run into over the course of the night.

Let an adult (or two) keep watch over the trick-or-treaters so they can grab all the candy they want without a worry!

Keep an Eye on the Ground

Although most people get their properties ready for Halloween, not everyone does. Some people leave hoses, tools or other loose objects laying around their homes, and a wayward child can trip over them if they’re not careful!

Keep your eyes peeled so this doesn’t happen to you or someone in your group.

Halloween is a fun night – don’t let an easily avoidable problem get in the way of the trick-or-treating festivities! We at Roman Electric love the holidays, and we want all of our neighbors to stay safe and sound during the festivities.

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