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4 Electrical Safety Tips for Your Garage


Observing proper electrical safety throughout your home is important no matter what, but you might not have put much thought into making sure your garage is safe. There are plenty of various electrical hazards that could be lurking in there, and we want to help make sure you and your family stay safe.

Here are a few electrical safety tips for your garage from the electrical experts at Roman Electric. We pride ourselves on making sure our Milwaukee neighbors enjoy friendly, reliable service year-round, and we’d love to help you and your family.

Test Your Circuit Breakers in the Garage

Arguably the most effective safety check you can make is to ensure that the power supply to your garage is operational and safe. Check the circuit breakers that provide power to the garage and make sure they’re working like they’re supposed to.

Diagnosing a Short Circuit

Figure out which devices are hooked up to the different circuits so that you don’t overload them and inadvertently cause a power surge. Also be sure to keep in mind the voltage load that a circuit breaker can handle, because you can limit the amount of devices attached to a circuit but still plug in things that require more power than the breaker can handle.

Store Smart

Garages, in addition to being places we can park our cars to escape the elements, end up being ideal storage spaces as well. But you need to be smart about how you store things in there. Since there is so much electricity present in your garage, you need to be careful to avoid storing anything there that could present an electrical hazard.

  • Avoid storing flammable things close to anything that uses electricity. All it takes is one wayward spark to ignite objects like cardboard or gas.
  • Always unplug devices and equipment when you are finished using them. Never leave electrical appliances attached to an outlet unless you’re using them.
  • Don’t let any spills in your garage linger. Clean them up immediately to ensure that your electrical equipment can’t use liquid to create a short circuit.

Double-Check Extension Cords

Every now and then, inspect your extension cords for fraying or other problems. If you notice any defects in the cords, then get rid of them immediately and get some new ones. It might seem like you can ignore small issues with extension cords because you’ve used them before, but all it takes is one slip-up for something as dangerous as electricity to cause serious harm.

Ensure GFCI Outlets are Installed and Operational

GFCI outlets are specially designed outlets that will automatically cut the power off as soon as they detect a change in the power level of the current traveling through it. These outlets are usually installed on exterior surfaces and on places near water sources to prevent short circuits from occurring, and you should have them in your garage.

The Ins and Outs of GFCI Outlets

If you do, make sure they’re primed and operational. If not, call a professional to see about getting a few installed. It’s painless and quick, and these outlets are significantly safer than regular ones.

Roman Electric: Keeping Milwaukee’s Residents Safe since 1929

Hopefully these electrical safety tips for your garage have helped you make a mental checklist of ways to make your home a bit safer! Here at Roman Electric, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, efficient service, and that includes jobs that help you and your family feel safer.

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