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4 Telltale Signs It’s Time for an Electrical Safety Inspection

electrical safety inspection

No matter when your home was wired, it’ll eventually need to be checked to ensure all the connections are strong and the current can flow well. Electrical safety inspections are vital to keeping a safe and secure home, and everyone needs them from time to time.

But there are certain times – beyond a routine inspection every so often – that you should have an electrician check your home out. How do you know when to get an electrical safety inspection for your home? Let the electrical experts at Roman Electric help make that decision a little clearer!

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers trip from time to time. It happens. Maybe you just happened to use a ton of devices all on the same circuit at the same time, or perhaps the power grid was operating at an uncommonly low level for some reason. If tripping your breaker is just an occasional thing, it’s nothing to worry about.

But if you find that you trip your circuit breaker more often than you normally would, then scheduling an electrical safety inspection would be smart. An electrician can reassure you that nothing is wrong, but they’ll also let you know if something needs repairing.

You’re About to Purchase a Home

Buying a home is one of the most exciting things you can do, but nothing will take the wind out of your sails quite like moving in and finding out the electrical system there can’t hold up to what you require. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure a licensed electrician has checked out the electrical integrity of your potential new home to make sure it’s safe!

After Rough Storms

Most homes don’t have a problem weathering storms, but every now and then you’ll experience one that really puts your home’s power grid through the ringer. If you experience a significant power outage/disconnection, or any type of flooding, schedule an electrical safety inspection before getting back to normal.

Everything might be good to go, but until you have someone take a look at it all, you’ll have that worry in the back of your mind that won’t go away.

You’ve Noticed Unusual Signs

Although our homes handle most minor electrical issues without a problem, you may encounter certain signs that something could be amiss. Whether it’s prolonged strange smells or sparks that aren’t normally appearing, it’s important to be aware of how your home’s electrical system is acting.

And if you do notice anything unusual, don’t ignore them! Electricity is a valuable utility but it can turn dangerous in no time. The second something seems wrong make sure to call an electrician you trust.

Electrical Safety Inspection from Roman Electric

Knowing when it’s time to schedule an electrical safety inspection is crucial to maintaining a safe and comfortable home. Keep an eye out for the situations we’ve discussed above, and be sure to call Roman Electric when you feel it’s time to get your home checked out!

Our team provides reliable, thorough electrical safety inspections so you and your family can sleep easy at night knowing we’ve pored over every inch of the wiring in your home.

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