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Creative Ways to Light Your Home

creative ways to light your home

If you are looking for a fun project to start off the new year, consider changing up the lighting in your home. Good and unique lighting can make your home well-lit as well as give off the ambiance you want! If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. The pros at Roman Electric have come up with a helpful list of creative ways to light your home.

1. Solar Pathway Lighting

A shadowy, unlit home at night is both unsafe and aesthetically problematic. Plus, it makes it harder for anyone walking in the front yard a little harder to see, increasing the chances of tripping and falling. To prevent this from happening, add some solar pathway lights. These lights are inexpensive, come in a variety of styles and designs and since they are solar powered, they won’t take up any electricity. These great pathway lights can come with photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight, which helps to light the bulbs at night. Lastly, these lights are easy to install as they don’t require any wiring or cords—simply stake them in the ground and they’re ready to go!

2. Add Under Cabinet Lighting to Your Kitchen

Task lighting is important for various rooms in your home such as your kitchen. Having areas where you work, cook or perform tasks, require decent lighting—hence the name “task lighting.” If you find that the lighting is poor in your kitchen, consider adding under cabinet task lights. Plus, when installed properly, undercabinet lighting can add a more contemporary feel to your kitchen. For this type of lighting, LED bulbs will most likely be the best option, since they use less energy and last longer. Plus, they are dimmable and, more importantly, don’t radiate heat so you don’t have to worry about sweating into your food.

3. Get Creative with String or Fairy Lights

If you want to add some creative lighting to your kids’ rooms, you can never go wrong with string or fairy lights. Here are some ways you can creatively light your own or your kids’ rooms with these fun lights:

  • Hang Them Around the Mirror

One way you can add a nice, unique ambiance to a bedroom is by hanging string lights around the mirror. Use damage-free hooks to properly secure the lights and make sure you use LED bulbs in plastic encasings. Incandescent bulbs with glass encasings are more vulnerable and can radiate heat.

  • Fairy Lights in A Jar

Fairy lights are smaller and thinner than string lights and can be battery operated. You can either hang them in different areas around your room or put them in a jar to create a small lamp for yourself!

  • String Up Lights with Photos

The combination of hanging up lights with photos is very popular, especially among young adults. It gives personality to rooms and creates a warm, cozy effect.

4. Use Candle Sconces for Soft Lighting

If there are areas around your home that would benefit with soft lighting, consider using candle sconces. Your bathroom could be a great place for this, since bathroom lighting is usually harsh and unflattering. Using candle sconces with battery operated candles will achieve softer lighting and more importantly, will require less electricity!

Light Up Your Home with Roman Electric!

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