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Adjusting Your Furnace for Christmas

When you and your loved ones are all gathered together around the Christmas tree, enjoying the holiday together, dealing with a faulty furnace is the last thing you want to do. It cuts into valuable time with your family, and it forces you to address a potentially costly and time-consuming problem. It brings the mood down, and it grinds the Christmas festivities to a halt.

If you take a few precautionary steps to adjust your furnace for Christmas ahead of time, though, this won’t happen. The experts at Roman Electric have created a simple list of easy steps you can take right now to ensure your Christmas goes off without a hitch!

Make Sure the Vents Aren’t Blocked

Hold on, you might be saying. This was supposed to be a furnace maintenance blog, not an interior design guide!

Not so fast. Although your vents aren’t literally attached to your furnace, they’re just as important – just follow the airflow. When your furnace generates hot air, it’s got to come out somewhere, right? Well, if your vents are covered by couches, tables or other pieces of furniture, then that air doesn’t have anywhere to go.

It gets backed up, and your furnace doesn’t know what to do with all that air. Its efficiency takes a dip as a result, and your home suffers as well as your energy bill.

Change the Air Filter

When you change your air filter, it’s like you’re giving your furnace a breath of fresh air. After a month or so, the filter starts struggling to screen out the harmful contaminants and your indoor air quality gets poor in a hurry.

Air filters are fairly inexpensive to replace, but you can upgrade to a higher-efficiency version if you want. Just make sure that your furnace can handle whichever furnace you opt for, since choosing one that is too high can actually be just as bad as a low-quality one.

Swap your filter out every 30 days or so, and you’ll be golden.

Have Someone Take a Look

Really, though, there’s nothing better for your furnace this Christmas season than to have someone give it a thorough inspection. Sure, you can come up with little ways here and there to try and optimize your home’s heating unit, but that can only take you so far.

A professional, like the ones from Roman Electric, will look over your unit and all its connections with the trained eye of an expert. They’ll notice tiny, nearly invisible things that would otherwise be almost impossible to spot. You’ll receive trustworthy recommendations for potential problems, and they’ll be able to tell you exactly how to optimize your furnace for Christmas.

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