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5 Benefits of a Backup Generator

The concept of a backup generator seems simple, but there is more to it than you might realize. With Milwaukee constantly experiencing inclement weather, purchasing a backup generator may have crossed your mind already. When deciding whether a backup generator is worth the purchase, you’ll want to weigh its many benefits.

From the electrical experts at Roman Electric, here are 5 benefits of a backup generator!

  1. Backup Generators Maintain Your Security System

When the power goes out, your security system waivers. Door and window alarms cease to work, while smoke and CO detectors must rely on their batteries. Additionally, if a severe storm has knocked out your electricity, sump pumps may not have the power to draw out water from your basement, increasing your chances of basement flooding during heavy rain.

A backup generator provides the necessary power to keep your security system running through a blackout. Smoke and CO detectors no longer must rely on batteries, while a sump pump can resume its function.

  1. Backup Generators Prevent Freezing

In Milwaukee, freezing temperatures are frequent. If a power outage has gone on for an extended time, your pipes can freeze. Freezing pipes can burst, ruining your plumbing and possibly causing water damage. With a backup generator, your water heater can still run at peak capacity, providing the necessary heat to prevent your plumbing from freezing.

Beyond heating your plumbing, you’ll be able to stay warm as well. Your HVAC system can maintain its functionality with the help of a backup generator, offering both warmth and comfort during a blackout.

  1. Backup Generators Sustain Lighting

Power outages can occur at any moment. If one happens during the day, gloomy storms offer little in terms of sunlight. When a nighttime power outage turns your home into a pitch-black abyss, it’s often difficult to maintain composure.

This is where a backup generator shines – literally! Lighting is sustained in your home, giving you a clear passage to traverse and plan for the blackout. Additionally, your outdoor path lighting can still function, brightening passages outside your home. Furthermore, you can fully charge and utilize flashlights and electric lamps to help see more covert areas.

  1. Backup Generators Preserve Food

Refrigerators and freezers rely strictly on your electrical system to keep food from perishing. This should be taken into account immediately if a blackout is expected to last a long period of time. According to Ready, a government disaster protection program, an unopened fridge will only keep food cold for about 4 hours, while a freezer can last up to 48 hours.

However, with a backup generator, you’ll be able to preserve your food as usual. A backup generator gives you ample time to distribute and conserve food until power has been restored. During a prolonged blackout, we recommend first consuming foods closest to perishing, after which consuming all other perishables. Once all perishables are gone, move towards non-perishables.

  1. Backup Generators Increase Planning Time

A backup generator lasts a lot longer than you think. In fact, if fuel is consistently supplied to a backup generator, it will run consistently. With a full tank, a typical standby backup generator can go a little over a week before running out of fuel.

This provides additional planning time for you and your family. You’ll be able to:

  • Charge flashlights
  • Power electric lamps
  • Save any current work on your computer
  • Sustain your smartphone and radio for outbound communication.

You can use this time to draft a cohesive emergency plan. You can also stock up on more food if the blackout is expected to last a while.

Backup generators are a welcome addition to any Milwaukee home, especially as we enter storm season. If you are ready to install a backup generator in your home, contact Roman Electric today! Safety is our number-one priority for Milwaukee homeowners and their families. We help to ensure this by providing backup generator services at an affordable cost. Call us at 414-369-3798 today to get started!