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Why is My Refrigerator Leaking?

why is my refrigerator leaking

Dealing with a leaking refrigerator is messy and frustrating. However, like with every appliance that has issues, it can be fixed! If you’re wondering why your refrigerator is leaking, check out this post by the pros at Roman Electric—We might have some answers!

1. Check Your Defrost Drain

The refrigerator defrost drain is prone to ice build-up and clogs, especially if the drain is not well-maintained. Clogs can cause leakages and prevent water from properly being drained out. To inspect your defrost drain for clogs, the first step is to unplug the refrigerator. Next, consult your owner’s manual to check where the drain hole is in your fridge. If there is any ice blocking the drain hole, scrape it away using a screwdriver. Then, flush out the drain hole with warm water mixed with some baking soda. Last, wash the drain pan with a sponge and soap and put it back in place. Plug in the fridge and see if the leak continues.

2. Inspect Water Supply Lines

If cleaning out your defrost drain does not work, and you still notice a puddle around your fridge, consider checking your water supply lines. To do this, you will once again have to shut off your fridge and place any perishable items somewhere else. To inspect your water supply line, notice the plastic line or pipe that runs from the ice maker or water filter in the front door of your appliance to the very back of your fridge. Pull this supply line out and check it for leaks. You can either order a replacement line or you can have a technician you trust come look at it! Be sure not to ignore it—water leaks can lead to high utility bills as well as reduce the performance of your fridge.

3. “Level” the Refrigerator

If none of the tips above work, you will have to “level” the refrigerator, meaning you will have to adjust its front legs, so it tips slightly backward. Essentially, you will have to find a way to put the front legs at a higher level. If the fridge’s legs are at the same level or it has been tipped forward, water and condensation will not be able to enter the drain hole or drip in the drain pan. It’s necessary for the condensation to drain away completely from your fridge, otherwise it will create a puddle around it.  If you want to learn how you can tip your fridge backward while being safe, check out this guide!

Can’t Figure Out Why Your Refrigerator Is Leaking? Get in Touch with The Pros at Roman Electric!

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