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Should I Repair Or Replace My Toilet?

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Toilet?

A toilet is a critical component of your plumbing system – and one of the most essential fixtures in your home. Whether you’re dealing with a constant leak or just looking to upgrade your bathroom (hello, spring projects), you may be wondering whether to repair or replace your toilet. A lot of time, repairing your toilet is the quickest and most cost-effective solution. However, there are situations where replacement is the obviously better choice. In this blog, we will discuss whether you should repair or replace your toilet.

When To Repair Your Toilet

Repairing your toilet is often the better choice if you’re dealing with only minor issues that can be fixed with a few simple adjustments. Here are some situations where you might find repairing your toilet to be the best choice.

1. Clogs

If your toilet is clogged, usually that’s a sign of a blockage in your pipes. You can usually fix this issue by using a plunger or a toilet auger.

2. Running Toilet

If your toilet keeps running, it’s likely because the flapper valve isn’t properly sealed. This is an easy fix and usually just requires a replacement part.

3. Leaks

Does your toilet just keep constantly leaking? This is often a sign that the wax seal at the base of your toilet is damaged. Luckily, this can typically be replaced without having to replace the whole toilet.

4. Loose Toilet Seat

There’s nothing like sitting down on a loose toilet seat! If your seat is loose, it’s most likely because the bolts that hold it in place are loose. Tightening the bolts should do the trick!

When To Replace Your Toilet

Sometimes, replacing your toilet is the better and most cost-effective option. Some situations that warrant a toilet replacement include:

1. Old Age

Like with any appliance, age plays a huge factor in whether to repair or replace it. If your toilet is over 15 years old, it’s probably not as efficient as newer models. Replacing it with a newer, more efficient toilet will save you money on your water bill.

2. Constant Repairs

You shouldn’t have your plumber on speed dial! If you’re constantly having to repair your toilet, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to just replace it. Over time, the cost of repairs adds up.

3. Cracks

If your toilet has cracks in the bowl or the tank, it’s time to replace it. Cracks can lead to other problems, such as leaks, that can be expensive to repair.

4. Style

Spring has sprung and many homeowners are looking to start some home renovation projects. If your bathroom is on the list and you’re looking to upgrade it, then replacing your toilet with a newer, more modern model will give your bathroom a fresh, updated look.

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Deciding whether to repair or replace your toilet can be a difficult decision. While repairing your toilet may be a quick and easy fix in some situations, there are times when replacement is the better choice. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, it’s always best to consult with a plumbing professional who can assess the situation and provide you with the best solution. Roman Electric is here to help! Give us a call today at 414-369-3798 or contact us online here.

6 Ways To Clean Up Electrical Safety Hazards At Home

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6 Ways To Clean Up Electrical Safety Hazards At Home

Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives, but it can also be extremely dangerous if not properly handled. Electrical safety hazards at home are a common occurrence, and it’s important to take steps to prevent them. Here are 6 ways to clean up electrical safety hazards at home.

1. Keep Cords and Wires Tidy

One of the most common electrical safety hazards is loose cords and wires. They can pose a tripping hazard and be damaged easily. Make sure that cords and wires are neatly organized and secured in place. Consider even using cable ties or clips to keep them out of the way. Also, remember to never run cords or wires under carpets and rugs.

2. Inspect Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances are the biggest contributors to electrical safety hazards at home. You should be inspecting electrical appliances regularly for any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed cords, cracked casings, or other damage. If you notice anything unusual, unplug the appliance and repair it or replace it right away.

3. Use Surge Protectors

Surge protectors can protect your expensive electrical devices from power surges, which can cause some serious damage. Install surge protectors on all your electrical outlets to safeguard your electronics and appliances from potential damage caused by sudden voltage spikes.

4. Install GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets, otherwise known as ground-fault circuit interrupters, are an important safety feature in areas where water is present – like your kitchen or bathroom. GFCI’s are designed to detect imbalances in the electrical current and can shut off power before an electric shock can occur.

5. Keep Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers Accessible

Is your electrical panel and circuit breaker easily accessible? Both of these thing are crucial components of your home’s electrical system. You want to not only make sure they’re easily accessible, but that they are also labeled correctly and free from obstructions. If you need to access the electrical panel, make sure you turn off the power to the area you’re working on. To play it safe, however, it’s always a good idea to enlist the help of a professional. That brings us to our 6th tip.

6. Hire A Licensed Electrician

If you’re not sure about the safety of your electrical system or you need any repairs, hire a licensed electrician. Attempting DIY projects when it comes to your electrical system can be dangerous. A professional can perform a comprehensive inspection of your home’s electrical system and make any necessary repairs to ensure your home is safe from electrical hazards.

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HVAC Maintenance Tips To Heat Up Your Valentine’s Day

HVAC Maintenance Tips To Heat Up Your Valentine’s Day

Love your HVAC unit this Valentine’s Day, because let’s face it – nothing warms your heart quite like a furnace. Here are 5 HVAC maintenance tips to follow.

1. Seal Your Windows [WITH A KISS]

Okay, not really. But there’s nothing like cold drafts and high energy bills to ruin the mood on Valentine’s Day, am I right? If you feel cool drafts inside, be sure there aren’t any gaps around your windows. If there are, make sure to seal air leaks around your windows with caulk or weather stripping. 

2. Commit To Energy Savings

Don’t be afraid of commitment when it comes to your HVAC unit. As things heat up this Valentine’s Day, consider turning the heat down a notch. Not only can this give your HVAC unit a much needed and well-deserved break, but it can also help you save on energy costs. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to curl up under the blankets or in front of the fireplace with that special someone.

3. Make Sure Love Is The Only Thing In The Air

Love should be the only thing in the air this Valentine’s Day. That being said, make sure you dust around your home, such as around your vents and registers. When dust and dirt accumulate around your vents, it can greatly reduce airflow, which can also reduce the efficiency of your HVAC unit and increase your energy usage. Not only should you be cleaning around your vents and registers, but you should also be vacuuming your carpets regularly. All of these things can help improve your indoor air quality.

4. Check Out Your Air Filters

Check out the air filters on that furnace! Are they dirty or clogged? If so, it may be time to change them. In fact, you should make sure you’re changing your air filter every 1-3 months. When your air filter gets clogged up with dust, dirt and other particles, it makes it hard for your furnace to push warm air through. This not only can put a strain on your unit, but it can also lead to reduced airflow and higher energy bills.

5. make a reservation for a furnace inspection

Plan ahead and make a reservation – for dinner AND for your furnace inspection this Valentine’s Day. You should plan to have your furnace inspected by a professional at least once a year. This will help ensure everything is running smoothly and safely, and that you will stay comfortable all winter long.

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